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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 26th

Not a ton of great names out there today.  Yesterday was a great day.  I got my first $XX,XXX domain sale of the year. I’ll do an article on how I got it.  I actually had to work for this one for over a year.  January has been a great month so far.  Already had 33% of last year’s sales and the month isn’t even over yet.   Even better, I have been building a bankroll to buy some good names.  Just haven’t found the perfect name. Although I did buy from Elliot which is a great name. I paid a million for it. I still think it was a great deal.  Here are today’s names and the daily quote.

“The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work”  -Thomas Edison You know Kim Dot Fat is going to have apps eventually a PR4 with 18,000 backlinks. 17 years old. Not sure how much money you can make listening to music and telling everyone what you think. $20 and you can find out Youth in Asia? 14 years old No bidders. Not saying this is a six digit domain but for $12 you have a chance that it could be sold as a pen scanner domain. And it’s short and memorable Part of the “whitefish” collection at Captain D’s

Smoking Hot Savings! $2.95 .COM from!  Totally would beat a Liger  No bidders.  Pretty good travel blog name. 13 years old No bidders.  I like this one but I could just be hungry  No bidders.  $69 gets you a great Backup domain that’s 13 years old  Means “fighting chicken” in Chinese.  I made that up.  Put it here because it has a lot of bidders so it must be awesome.


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9 Replies to “SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 26th”

  1. If you follow shanes blog pretty easy to figure out which domain it was, lol your cost is close to $10k from what I remember…

    1. Tom,

      You don’t follow close enough. One, if you are referring to AB I sold that a long time ago. Secondly. This was a domain I’ve owned for years, cost under $500. I appreciate your reading the blog but please don’t make assumptions. It was the most profitable I’ve ever had. I would LOVE to tell this one but it’s a $100 million dollar company that bought it and they would prefer I don’t say. I only put it on the blog to let people know it was the first time i have EVER reached out to a company to sell a name and I sold it. It’s something I need to do more of. Don’t try and knock my best sale of the year down. I don’t understand why people are always looking for negative

  2. Shane,

    Once again congrats on the sale. If you cant say what the name was no worries. Question for you, when approaching end users what route do you take? Ive read in the past never email someone with a hotmail,google, yahoo etc address. Is there any certain wordage you use when contacting them?

  3. Corey,

    I actually went to a trade show and handed a card to the person at the booth saying please hand this to the person that is in charge of your website. Did it two years in a row and this year they bought it from me. I actually am in the middle of a second company that is buying a name where I did the same thing. It hasn’t closed yet but is in escrow

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