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Google PageRank Update for 2011 Coming in the Next Two Weeks?

Google hasn’t updated Pagerank since April of last and if history is any indication it should be coming any time now.  Many people were looking for a December 2010 update which obviously never happened.  Google pagerank changes are an ongoing thing but Google updates the toolbars to give website owners reference.  Updates are done when the engineers aren’t as busy and have a little downtime.  2010 didn’t provide much downtime for Google engineers with Chrome, Android, Chrome OS, and other important system improvements.

Lets take a look at the history of page rank updates from 2007 until the last update

April 28th 2007

October 28th 2007   6 months

January 9,10,11,12   2008    2.5 months

April 29th 2008  3.5 months

July 26th 2008  3 months

September 27th 2008  2 months

December 30,31st 2008 3 months

April 1, 2nd 2009  3 months

May 27,28 2009  2 m0nths

October 30th, 2009  5 months

December 31st, 2009  2 months

April 1, 2010 3 months

Until last year, Google had a trend going of updating every three months usually at the end of the month.  Since 2007 Google was updating pagerank 5 times a year and doing it consistently. All that changed last year with the single update.  As mentioned above it most likely had to do with other priorities.  For site owners the basics have never changed.  Keep updating content regularly and get as many links from sites higher than your and you’ll be just fine.  I’d be willing to bet we’ll see a toolbar update here before the end of the month

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10 Replies to “Google PageRank Update for 2011 Coming in the Next Two Weeks?”

  1. I remember reading that pagerank really has nothing to do with search results anymore but for selling links on sites and showing authority it would be nice for an update.

  2. Actually there was some update in October, at least my sites got some updates, some bad some good ones but PR was changed for many of them.

    Maybe it was some partial update, but still and update.

  3. There’s a chance Google ditched their PageRank altogether(at least, the toolbar version). After all, nobody really uses them anymore except on Internet Explorer. Google comes pre-packaged with Gsearch as well as Firefox. Google is probably concentrating their efforts on GChrome. I wouldn’t put my hopes up, everything has to come to an end, after all.

  4. I was listening to a talk radio show last night and heard a person referring to “Trust Rank” as the direction Google is headed. According to the interviewee Google has been working on implementing the University Academic model of link analysis. Under the academic model our links would begin to look like Wiki pages with footnotes and dates. Has anyone else been hearing that?

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