Monday’s Daily Domain Auctions and Drops

Looks like we’re back in the groove now that the holidays and year end are over.  More names going up for auction on NameJet and some decent drops coming up on Godaddy.  I’ve gotten a decent amount of offers for domains over the last week but they’ve all been very low bids with no counter. The positive is people are interested in my domains.  The negative is they are not willing to pay a reasonable amount for them.  I guess you have to start somewhere.  Now onto the names. 1995 with great letters.  Of course you’ll have to compete against the Chicago TreeFrog and Ferret Association Between the divorce rate and the weight gain, this seems like a good business to be in. If you are in to aged domains then you’ll like this 1992 register Doesn’t get any more descriptive than this This would be the name of my business if I was in the payroll business but I do admit the spelling would be a bit confusing to southerners and their accents. Pretty broad directory but sounds important I’ve told a few guys to get a set over the years and now I can tell them where to get them. There is a whole set of “” available today. Pick your sport I can never remember how that horsey thing moves.  I think it moves like an “L” or maybe an “S”. I used to own the name but dropped it when I realized selling arms and legs was illegal in Illinois I’m not saying to go and spend $70 on this name but it is the type of name I would buy for $10-20.  These types of name can be sold for a few hundred dollars if you’re patient.

Domain of the Day: