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Gotta Love this Video: Kid Pleas for Help Getting His Domain Back from “Cybersquatter” Sleaze

His words, not mine.  The domain in question is owned by Webnificent.  I’m sure many of us domain investors have heard stories like this before.  I will say that if the story stands true about it being registered the day after his myspace page went up.  That being said,  we all know if you have any kind of ideas for a business, the first thing you do is register the domain.  Don’t even tell your Mom.  She may even get it before you.  Then again my Mom’s a cybersquatter.  Enjoy the video.

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6 Replies to “Gotta Love this Video: Kid Pleas for Help Getting His Domain Back from “Cybersquatter” Sleaze”

  1. LOL… found a total gem of a prick, Shane!!!

    What a little socialist b*tch !!!!

    “Is there anyone out there with legal skills that wants to work for us for free to get us something for free that belongs to someone else because we want it and don’t want to pay for it and were several years late noticing someone else had gotten it before us b/c we did not run our business seriously and now want to have what we don’t have and they won’t give to use for free???

    Help me for free please! ”

    This guy needs a boot in the ass…..what a loser, cheap-skate, bum!!!!!

  2. Shane, You’ve mentioned with 2 R’s. When you go to the youtube video, this guy is talking about Both names regardless of the number of R’s were registered in 2009. The video was uploaded Dec. 2011. Maybe he does own the name ?? Possibly driving traffic?

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