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Here Are Some of the Names I Picked up on the Drop

I hear Frank Schilling is killing it on the drops  (I don’t think any of the names on that list are kiling it BTW) but I have been doing pretty well myself.   I admit that 80% of my profits come from flipping short and numeric dot coms but I also have a portfolio of easy to remember, two word dot coms that I’ve picked up in the last few months.  Here is a list of names that I picked up all with no other bidders but me.  Or in some cases on Godaddy for $12.  I’ve sold two names from the under $70 list for $1000 each so regardless if any of these sell this year the batch is paid for with renewals covered for a few years.


PS:  Left one on the list that is my favorite,    Nobody wanted it on Godaddy.  I guess I’m the only fool willing to take it for cheap.

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9 Replies to “Here Are Some of the Names I Picked up on the Drop”

  1. is a great name. I’m surprised the search volume is as low as it is, but I guess if more people were savvy enough to know about them in the first place the economy might not be in the shape it is. At least my daughter has had one since she was two.

  2. Couple of questions

    1. Did you get them through backorder or hand registered after they dropped?

    2. How do you plan to sell them – auction sites, through brokers, directly contacting end users?

    1. John,

      They were either picked up on the drop on Snap,Namejet, or Godaddy, but a few were up for auction at Namejet and I was the only bidder.

      I will most likely sell them though private offers through InternetTraffic or put them up for auction on Namejet.

      1. Tony,

        I thought it was a steal. I would be working on a site but I have which has a $78 CPC that I am working on first

  3. Hi Shane, as a newbie I am learning much from your posts – thanks you very much for that. On this post, I don’t understand how you track down these drops. Are there specific sites you can find them on? And what do you do then?
    Any info would be very mcuh appreciated.

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