Saturday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-7-12

Jul 07 2012

A ton of great names today. More than I could put on my list.  I actually am in 4 or 5 which is more than usual for me.  I have a 15 mile run this morning so I need to get going. One last 100 degree day and I’m hoping life returns to normal.  Plants are dying and people are staying inside. Not exactly good for business.  Wish me luck.  Here are the names.  The best dot net in quite a while.  Big boy name I have no idea why I thought I was going to get this for $12…..but I did. It’s a little more than that  You really need to go to a dragon boat festival.  Very cool  Every day is sugar day for me.  I like this one as a brand.  No bidders  Great letter at the end.  C = corporation, company If you believe Godaddy’s traffic numbers this thing gets 16,000 visitors a month. Obviously a typo but if traffic is your thing then $400 is a pretty good deal Nice marketing domain. I think it would be fun to do a site full of creative advertising the best of the LLL.orgs today IMO Common last name and a nice sounding The price is at 50 cents per resident right now  Great domain reseller name  Laguna Beach is an artist community so this should have a huge potential market.  1 bidder  K kinds of ruins it but still has value Some good letters here  Another good one Last one I promise

Go Daddy Deal of the Week:Get 20% off your order! Offer expires 7/17/12.

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