Here’s Why People Come to DomainShane

Jul 01 2012

I’d like to think people come to DomainShane for domain related things and thoughts but the reality is Google sends all kinds of people looking for everything except my opinions and domain articles.  I was looking through the search term leads and had a good laugh so I thought I would share. Here are some of the terms I evidently rank for.

“How do I sell a ginger kid on the Internet “    Everyone knows the going rates for Gingers is so low that you just throw them away

“Ripe Lemon Drop Melon”  I’m sure this comes from my story about registering lemon drop melons.  I’m thinking since my Snapnames affiliate program doesn’t make any money I might as well start selling fresh fruit

“Butt”  If I can rank high in Butt I should get some good traffic.  Only problem is they’ll be looking for butt and they’ll find an ass

 “Other name for a beautiful Saturday”   I’m going to go with super awesome game changer Saturday

“Terry Richardson creepy”  He is but he’s gets to photograph the hottest women in the world and they even take their clothes off for him.  Of course he is naked while he does it and that’s where the creepy comes in

“reasons why bank won’t loan”   I ask the same question every day.  Maybe because I keep asking for 1 billion dollars on a 30 year note

“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”  Fall asleep at your keyboard and wake up at DomainShane

 “big rocks of crack”   I’m really proud of ranking so high for this one.  Took lots of SEO work

“How much is a 5 letter dot com worth”  About time I ranked for something domain related

“Hulk Hogan quotes”  Name one and I’ll be impressed

‘Merlin Kauffman’  Sorry Merlin, hate to think I am part of your Internet profile

And the one that probably sums them all up  “totally off topic”


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  1. Tia Wood

    Butt & crack. Impressive!

    “‘Hulk Hogan quotes’ Name one and I’ll be impressed”

    I believe on one to be:

    “Arrrrrrrrghh” ~Hulk Hogan

  2. Michael

    I can’t think of a HH quote off the top of my head. Was trying to pull one from that movie he was in with Zues where his name was Rip. hahaaaa.
    What I can recall however is how NUTS I used to go when I’d be watching WWF as a kid and “I am a real American” would drop and this guy would come flying out. Hulkamaniacs fo life bro.

  3. Mike H

    You inspired me to type really weird things into Google, skip to page 27 and check out the site. Hopefully they use analytics.

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