Sunday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-1-12

Jul 01 2012

Can’t believe its July already.  Another solid month for me in domain investing.  Sold a few names and picked up ab dot org and a few NNNN.coms.  This part time thing for full time profits has officially become a reality.  It’s a culmination of a lot of hard work but there is sooooo much more money to be made.  I have 40 domains that I own that need to be built out.  Great plant names just sitting waiting to be put up.  Tia even built me the custom theme.  Now I just have to get them up.  Maybe July will be the month that gets it all in motion.  Enjoy the day and here are the names Such a happy sounding name. 13 years old I’d rather have a twizzler and a very crowded brand. But name still has pretty good value I know a lot of you guys like typos 13 year old domain and what’s cooler than an “i” in the front of a domain? 10 years old. May be a happier sounding name than digitalsunshine. Nice organic name and no bidders I think girls probably would prefer to just be called athlete but not a bad price for a 13 year old domain at $12  L is for league  No bidders on this 13 year old domain  Great name and very surprised it has no bidders.  1999 domain   Look at all the search results for aerospace technologies.  No bidders  Simple but descriptive


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