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How to Get a $13 SSL Certificate

Ok this isn’t exactly domaining related but heck its a huge money saver for someone who might be doing some actual development. If you’re setting up an e-commerce site that will accept credit cards or have a contact form where you’re asking users for personal information, you need an SSL certificate to keep your site secure.

GoDaddy catches some flack in the industry for it’s spotty hosting, but one thing they do very well is SSL’s. They became very successful and put a big dent in the SSL market share the past couple years by offering certificates for $29.99 which was the cheapest in the industry at the time, by far. That priced jumped to $49.99 over the past year and a few weeks ago the price jumped again to $69.99. Now $30 is one thing but $70 is another…but don’t worry there’s an easy way to get a GD standard SSL for $12.99 and the best part is you can lock in that price by paying for up to 5 years.

This is about as simple as my GD domain discount code trick. Simply navigate to Google and search SSL. At the top of the sponsored links will be a GD ad for $12.99 SSL’s. Click on the ad and you will be taken to GD’s SSL landing page with the discounted price displayed in the drop-down on the right hand side. Simply select the amount of years you want to purchase and proceed to checkout.

When searching on Google, you may get a GD ad for $19.99 SSL’s. If you keep clicking the search button the $12.99 offer will eventually show up. The offers appears on Yahoo, but when you click on the link the pricing isn’t discounted. False Advertising?

Screen shots of the simple process are below. (click to enlarge)

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5 Replies to “How to Get a $13 SSL Certificate”

  1. Verisign has got to be scared. GoDaddy is starting to kick their behinds. Go Daddy is following the same model they used to grab the domain marketplace – slash prices to the floor level.

  2. 2 Different Mike’s…

    Mike #1, you are welcome, happy to help.

    Mike #2, Personally, I just don’t understand this deal. I mean I like the idea of having a Google deal, and I understand it…but $13 is ridiculous. Just such a discount leaves me scratching my head…but hey its good to know.

  3. A couple of questions:

    1. Does the SSL only work w/ Godaddy hosting? Coz that’s something I choose not to use for reasons of sanity.

    2. Is this a Godaddy SSL or are they reselling someone?

  4. Samit, GD’s SSL’s work with any hosting company or server, you just need the CSR generated by the server.

    GD is not reselling someone else, they produce their own certs. Technically GD’s SSL company name is Starfield Technologies but it is owned by and sold by GoDaddy.

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