Friday’s Picks From Today’s Auctions and Dropping Domains

Sep 23 2011

I don’t know what’s happened but the amount of offers for my domains have increased dramatically.  I do think part of it is the increased quality of my domains and the fact that quality 5 letter dot coms are in high demand.  I used to not accept under $2K for the names and I have now upped it to $3K because of the amount of requests.  I hope others are experiencing the same thing.  Maybe one of these names will get the ball rolling. 1996 Birthday.  Talk about call to action domain.  Sounds a little like a Nike slogan but still a great name.  I bought for the same reason.  I like a name with action. A bit pricey with the auction already at $1,000 but what do I know.  I thought two letter dot coms looked prices at $25K 10 years ago. It’s answering a question even though nobody asked.  How many domains do that? Sounds like an English guy cursing.  Probably not much value other than having people say it aloud. 5 letter dot com.  Not sure why so many searches but certainly worth a few hundred dollars or more. Valuate gives it a $63,000 value.  50,000 searches does as well.  Somebody in the 136 bidders with give it the real value. I may use this to sell flagstone and boulders.  Although they are hard to ship FedEx Oh wait, it’s a secret. A fantastic dot info. Melanoma is the number one diagnosed form of cancer. Not a big 4 letter acronym buyer but these are pretty strong letters.

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