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I realize many won’t see this as they’re traveling to DOMAINfest, but I finally did it. I broke down and joined Twitter last night.

You’ll laugh but the main reason I did it is the new layout has a place for my Twitter handle and I didn’t want to leave that blank. But once I did join I was glad I did. I think this will be a good opportunity to connect with a lot of readers and make quick little posts or post pics that wouldn’t necessarily make it to the blog. Yes I will post stuff about domains but you can also expect just about anything else I can think of or come up with on there as well. I’ll download the phone app thing so I can post funny stuff from anywhere.

So, if you want to follow me, my handle is @RedneckDomainer. @DomainShane has like 900 followers or something like that so help me out and get me at least a dozen, so I don’t feel so obselete. I plan on working on the background in the next few days once I figure out how that works. I think I have a good idea for it. I’ll also start following people in the next few days as well.

Still no Facebook, it might take a miracle to get me on that…but hey I thought it’d take a miracle to get me on Twitter. Turns out all it took was a format change. I’ll see you on Twitter.

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8 Replies to “I Finally Did It…I Joined Twitter”

  1. Good decision, you need to be on Twitter these days! It is one more platform that helps with website and business promotion, and in my opinion it’s better than Facebook.

  2. I don’t know how anyone adds twitter or FB to their domaining lives.

    I’m so busy I could never add those distractions without messing up my flow.

    I’m trying to get to a point of less sensory overload, not more.

  3. I’ll follow you if you follow me ; ) @MichaelJ137
    Just kidding, nice Shane, its a smart business move onbviously for your brand, sales, etc…. I’m like you- no FB, just twitter & Linkedin. Your best domains should have both T & FB obv., but you personally dont need FB- stick to your guns! Twitter and LinkedIn only
    I hope the sense of humor isn’t going anywhere on this blog……I’ve noticed my occasional rants or smart ass comments havent all been getting approved. hahaa.

  4. Hi Shane,

    New format to your website looks much like Twitter’s. Yesterday’s was preferable because it had your mark on it. It looks overdigitalized now. Just a thought…

  5. ^ Love how people still think it’s Shane even with your picture now next to the post. I’ve added you Chris, although I don’t follow it much nowadays.

  6. Sorry, I meant Chris. Its so damn small, need a bigger way to let the readers know whos posting. Or maybe Im just an idiot, so used to just saying “Hey Shane”.

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