Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 1-29-12

Jan 30 2012

As you’re reading this I’m on my way to LA for DomainFest.  That does not mean my home is available for theft as my wife and our GIANT Great Dane “Thor” are currently watching the castle. It does mean that if it snows I would appreciate it if you would shovel my driveway.  Now onto today’s names.

PS:  We just opened the new DomainShaneFacebook page.  We would love a little like in the right hand corner.  First three letter dot com in a while at Namejet.  Not for the poor  Underwrite would be better. Ironic isn’t it? 1999 Birthday  I’m guessing this goes for $1200 or so   Hard to get much shorter that this. there are several three letter dot orgs available on Namejet today.  I like this one because of the double Xs.  Since my Mom reads this I will also say that I like it more than triple X.  I really shouldn’t have put this up because I love this one.  I’ll probably overpay for this one. Especially since I idiotically put it here.   Just what we need, another aggregator. I thought I would throw my old friend Acro a bone.  He has a sweet name for sale over at DNForum except don’t lowball him or feel the wrath 🙂  Evidently people like double 6s just as much as double 8s because this one is (maybe is) over $5K already


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  1. Trico

    “ Evidently people like double 6s…”


    Do you think triple 6 has any value? 666


  2. Ron

    I love Acro’s comment

    “Setting BIN at $3k. Flip this name for x3 profit! ”

    Why doesn’t he flip it for $9K if it is so easy?

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