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I Had Time to Blog But Didn’t Want To

I haven’t been away, I just didn’t feel like talking about domains.  I bought, sold, and managed domains every day since I wrote my last post but I didn’t feel like writing about it.  Every day I hear people telling me they didn’t do a certain task or accomplish a goal because “they didn’t have time”.  I’ve found that 99-100 times that is a bunch of BS.  For the things you really want to do, you make time.  These same people watch 2 hours of TV a night or goof around the internet and yet can’t make the time to do something constructive.  I could care less what people do with their time, after all, it is their time.  Just don’t lie to me and say you don’t have time.  I guess being  honest and saying “I didn’t feel like it” makes you seem lazy.  We all know that accomplishing great things takes sacrifice. Most of it involves sacrificing other things like TV, personal time, but usually for me it’s sleep. My big thing is running the family business and running marathons. I run 70 miles and work 60-80 hours a week so sleeping is a high priority and in this case this is why I haven’t been posting.  I have the Chicago Marathon this weekend (my 12th marathon in 4 years) and was also training for an Ironman.  Sleep became a top 3 priority, mostly because I really had no choice and was falling asleep at 9 o’clock regardless if I wanted to stay up or not. I knock it back to 40 miles a week starting next week and thus my fall blogging season starts.

During the few months I stopped posting I noticed a few things.  One, the robots found my blog and post 10-15 comments a day.  Two, thanks to and google, I still get 20 visits a day and make a few dollars a week in adsense.  Three, if I going to do this I am going to try and avoid rehashing the same stories over and over like many of the other domaining blogs.  The reposts of domaining news is not needed and like many of my past blogs, I am going to try and explore the fun and funny side of domaining.  I may take a few steps off the beaten track but if I do I will make sure its strong enough material that its worth straying for.  Finally, compared to many of the other domainers I am small time but I’ve realized there are so many ways to make money in this industry that even “small time” can make good money.  My portfolio is growing every year and my developed domains are all in an industry that I am an expert, gardening and plants.

Thanks all and I realize there is only so much time in the day and hopefully you’ll find 5-10 minutes to waste reading here

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  1. Hey, great blog post very true.

    I also find too much talk and very little useful facts.

    Many should change their focus on quality posts rather than quantity.

    Everyone doesn’t need to know how they are feeling on the day? I get the feeling that many don’t make a full time living off it?

    Sounds like you need to activate akisment? to stop spam comments.


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