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Let’s Trade Links

I ‘m not looking to trade links with just anyone.  If you’d like to be listed on my blogroll.  I require only two things.  1. I already read your site (or want to after seeing it) 2. You link to my site.  Don’t be offended if I chose not to trade links.  It is not a reflection on the quality of your site.

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2 Replies to “Let’s Trade Links”

  1. Hey Shane..

    Peter Askew here.. just wanted to see if you’d like to trade links.. I’ve started blogging again at (actually already have you listed in my blogroll)..

    keep up the great work over here..


  2. Hey Shane,

    would love to trade links! My blog is still a bit new, and somewhat shallow for content, but I’m looking to target mainly newcomers with sound advice for starting out in the industry. Check me out & let me know what you think.



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