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I Knew The Negotiation Was Not Going to End Well With This One Snapshot

I get enough offers through Internet Traffic that I don’t get too excited about offers coming in on their app but I still enjoy seeing what’s come through.  But when you see stuff like this you know most likely it’s going nowhere.  I answer them all like they want to spend big bucks but when they start at $50 and work their way up in $50 increments never even reaching minimum you know that you’re most likely not going to end with a sale.

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  1. this is a big fault on domainnamesales
    when they get the offer form in front of them it needs to physically say what the minimum offer is!
    not just a comments box etc
    i have lots of enquiries and some offers
    noone virtually ever gets back or counter offers
    i like how all the info is stored and some great features on dns
    but so much more needs to be done
    including getting rid off that crap replacement sales banner they have added
    its terrible
    one before was better
    also they need a proper buy it now button for fixed price domains
    much work to be done their end

  2. I agree the low-ballers are annoying, but disagree about putting the minimum offer on the DNS sales page. I like how DNS does it. Without the minimum offer shown they’ll fill out the form and you’ll at least get their information (email/phone/location/etc.) That can be used to contact them in the future. If the min offer is too high they’ll never even bother filling out the form and it’s a 0% chance of a sale from them.

    A suggestion that I think would be huge for DNS/Internet traffic would be if they let you see how many visitors visit the SALES/OFFER page, like Sedo does. This way you can at least see how many people were considering buying it and how well that gold sales banner at the top is working.

  3. You can set it up so that the minimum offer is displayed on the initial contact form: Settings > For sale configuration > Show price.

    Also, when an offer is placed and the minimum isn’t reached, the ‘error’ page clearly states what the minimum amount should be, for example:

    “Domains like this are very valuable, and could be re-sold for a profit in the future. Consider a minimum offer of $9,999 USD. The actual price will likely be higher.”

  4. Yes, it is give and take, one hand you want to get a feel of who, and what is trending in your offers, so you fail to put a min offer amount, other you do not want to be annoyed by low ballers. Part of the game, ever since the New Year, my offers have exploded at IT, I just spent that last 2 hours responding to offers, and no joke, finish one, another one would come in. I am seeing a lot more Europeans buying, getting lots of low balls from USA.

    I am starting to see the hunger of internet users, in not being able to register quality domain names they want, and not being able to pay after market pricing, there is a void in the middle. Thing is these people do not want to settle for subpar domains. I wake up everyday with stupid offers from India, I have yet to close an offer with anyone from India, and cringe everytime I see the IP.

  5. all good points
    yep, than ks Acro, remember seeing that but want to finetune all domains with pricing before I do that
    currently got a min bid amount which is high and may offput people for lower end names
    so i must go through entire portfolio soon before doing that
    also agree with Tom
    when I see congo or somewhere with a $10 offer I just shrug and dismiss enquiry
    my best offers are coming from middle east right now
    the meanest buyers as ever come from Germany!
    oh, and the uk

  6. Guy if you want fixed pricing sedo, and afternic would be your best friends.

    IT was always setup for premium domains, and not so much quick flips, with large portfolios simple keyword domains can go from dinosaurs, to #1 trended in a single day, this allows for some insurance, for the owner who held it so long, not to get the minute it trends to the top.

  7. Shane, i would welcome more posts discussing the IT platform and tips and fails and how can improve and managing offers AND closing sales on the platform
    the mechanics of your sales
    other bloggers just seem to focus on what sales IT has had or Franks big sales or polishing his ring
    what we want is more discussion on finetuning parking and sales and the mechanics of the platform

  8. thanks Tom, I used sedo from day 1 for few years when they started
    i actually hate them and would never give them another penny
    so much wasted time, horrific support
    scrooge like parking payments etc
    parked pages that have an invisible sales link etc
    never again

    as far as afternic I am gobsmacked domainers use them. again horrible setup
    visit afternic and try to search for a domain, just try
    all their sales must come from direct navigation

    i have numerous of my own sales sites and have sold many via myself just pointing to the sites

    what I think i need to do is keep maybe half at dns and categorize other domains that dont make parking revenue and build a few sites catering for these and just list as buy now

    I am not giving sales commissions anymore to these parasites

  9. Hey Guy,

    I know what you mean, but for fixed sales, sedo is top notch, they payout quick, they take care of the transfers. Parking I agree but they have to much overhead and they have to scalp somewhere, I used to be a fan, but their collaboration deal with godaddy, lead me to delete thousands of domains from there, and I was with them from the very start, and we did some great sales. I feel on many deals, I left money on the table, something IT helps me to do less of, as I know who I am dealing with.

  10. Have any of you tried Flippa? It’s by far my top place to buy and sell domains. The audience at Flippa is not just domainers but all types of entrepreneurs.

  11. “Guy if you want fixed pricing sedo, and afternic would be your best friends.”

    Why pay sedo or afternic ? They add no value or little if all they do is handle transfers. If you have the name priced, people will come to your landing page and will deal with you directly. No sense including another party in the mix unless you really feel that their adding to the mix. I’ve heard plenty of stories of sedo deals not closing (not saying it’s their fault) but I’d rather have full control to make sure that if anything goes wrong I can fix it and I don’t have to rely on someone else. Maybe if sedo or afternic did this work for 5% I’d be in, but there’s plenty of brokers who’ll do your dirty work on Internet Traffic for 5-10% and I’d bet there are more experienced ones then the people at sedo or afternic.

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