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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 18th

I’d like to say Ditto to Acro’s post yesterday about DomainTools.  They have been a real financial help to all the blogs in the industry.  DomainTools,,, Namejet, and Godaddy are what keep this blog going.  They “get” what I’m doing here.  It’s funny because I am looking for two new advertisers and have recently emails a few companies that are in the space and they either don’t respond or say they have met their budget even though they had contacted others about advertising space in the last week. I don’t take it personal because advertising is gravy and I understand why people wouldn’t want to spend their money on a opinionated blog.  But I’m thankful for the people that do.  If you know somebody that would benefit from advertising on my blog send them my way.  I’ll make them a hell of a deal.  Enough sales pitch and on to the names and the quote of the day.

“The riskiest thing you can do is get greedy”  -Lance Armstrong I’ll say B+ on this one Also known as the weed room. 13 years old No bidders. Great name for a wind tunnel or company that specializes in aerodynamic products. I have a crush on LLLL.coms with two U’s in the middle. I’m going balls deep on this one. Wait, I probably shouldn’t use those types of terms on this family site Kentucky something Teens. Cheap right now When Apple TV comes out and disrupts tv as we know it I think this has more value. For now the value is in the traffic. A few thousand a month A PR5 domain with 8K links. If you like crosswords or have crossword sites then this is a heck of a buy for $50 300K indexed pages and 15K visit per month if you believe Godaddy. Under $30 at press time

Smoking Hot Savings! $2.95 .COM from!  I’m going with the steal angle versus the long shower angle. 17 years old    16 years old.  Name will resonate with a lot of people  A good way to describe the cold this past week.  Also could be described as lung burner, frozen nose, and tip killer.   A good protection for or vice versa  Just rolls off the tongue.  The net is perfect here. 1999 domain 1999 domain  No bidders and two short words we all know  These poll things are catching on  Can’t believe there are only 5 bids  Milwaukee something something Hashbrowns  Certainly easy to type out Officially a CVCV and the Q works for me

VER.NET    Looks like a new tld

Ven.Net  Looks alot like Ven  This one will go for big boy money

If you have a domain at auction and would like it featured on the list please contact me

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