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I Missed a Chance of a Lifetime Opportunity for Great Advertising

demi-morre-twitter-buttA young lady recently had an ebay ad announcing the recent availability of advertising space on body.  Not just an part of the body, her butt. Here’s the exact ebay sale

If you win I will tattoo your name on my ass in hand written font, 1cm high. You will receive a photo for your personal records. I have no other tattoos on my butt, so it will be very prominent.

The no other tattoos is like have a non rotating banner that is up for life.  I would have bid but she wouldn’t guarantee that someone like Elliot would come by and get his site right above mine. It also doesn’t help that the picture on her ad is actually that of Demi Moore so we’ve lost the trust factor in our relationship.  Don’t ask me how I know instantly that is Demi Moore. Now you may say, “How many people are going to actually see her behind?”  Sure, it’s not a great value if you measure “per eyeball”.  I guessing not many, but those who do will NEVER forget my site.

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