A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning ($17.63 CPC)

Mar 08 2010

Monday, Monday.    I had a big weekend.  Got a plant website up (heucheras.com),  ran 28 miles, and got a few hours of work in as well.  I hope this week is as productive.  Now on to the dropping names.

FavoriteRestaurants.com A little long but for $10 you really can’t go wrong

ChinleArizona.com Under 10,000 people in Chinle but like above, I’m pretty sure you can flip this for more than you’ll end up paying.

BabyAnnouncements.net 40,000 plus searches and a CPC over $2.

Searchngive.org A valid PR 5 and not a ton of bidders

ChildSupport.net Not going to go cheap but a very nice name

uHotel.com Could be a nice travel related site with this name

It’s easy to find a lot more good names using DomainStryker.com

Domains For Sale

Owpy.com  $100

Bragn.com $200

400r.com and 400e.com $500 for the pair

Email me if interested in purchasing domains.  Feel free to make offer

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