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Nov 10 2009

If you say the word “Beer Can” in an English accent, it sounds like your saying “Bacon” in a Jamaican accent ( worthless info but you’ll be saying it all day) Now on to the links

Who says you can’t be productive with Twitter Lists

Apple finally plugs hole on OSX that verifies domain urls.  You used to be able to spoof mac users

I’m pretty sure that most people just don’t know how to spell beautiful

How to quit your job

AdMob founders are RICH. Google buys them for $750 million

Brilliant advertising by Colgate

How to Bid Properly on NonCoverting Keywords

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  1. Chris Robbins

    That’s funny about beautiful and quite a high bid for the typo. Reminds me of when I owned, Frank Shilling owned (still owns) the typo. Explains a lot.

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