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Looking Back at My Snapnames Auction History Makes Me Realize How Much Junk I Registered

The first rule for new domainers is “Quit hand registering junk!!!!!”, yet when I went back at my snapnames history to look for halvarez restitution money, it made me realize how much junk I used to buy.   I bought them thinking one of two things. I could flip the name for a quick $100  or there would be a huge offer down the road. Secondly, I had in mind a great site that would go with the name.  Guess what?  Neither happened and I let half expire, sold a few, and still have the rest.  It’s ironic that I just got through reading Arbel’s article about his snapnames poll and laughing about  #1 , “quit registering junk”.    I thought to myself “I never slice”, I was pretty good about staying away from junk……..Wrong.

Ursox, coaxi, bidfm, p2pus, myorv, otmos,ylaws, cttee, pexta, nawla, pcmon, dnlib, petsu, voded,voudo.  I could go on for ever.  I didn’t register anything this bad but these are typical of the names put out for the 5L showcase at Namepros every day.  I apologize in advance to the owners of these names, I don’t mean to single them out as bad domainers as their portfolios may be filled with solid domains as well.  Yes,  there may be a money maker in there but the most likely all these names are a complete waste of $8. Even if you develop these names, the content will have to overcome the name, not vice versa. I just hope some of them learn quickly to quit throwing their $8 or $60 away.  I liken it to buying a lottery ticket each day. Sure you may hit it big but if you throw that $1 in the glove compartment instead,  at the end of the year you are guaranteed to have $365.

There is a silver lining. I was lucky enough to spend some money and buy some good names, names that were strong enough to pay for all my mistakes.  As a matter of fact I bought one for 1K and sold it for 27K which made up for all my junk and more.   Of course I turned around and spent that on quite a bit of junk as well.

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