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We went and saw Star Wars III.5 last night, also known as Rogue One. We learn how the rebels obtained the information about the weakness in the Death Star’s design. I thought it had a good plotline and was well done.dsadrogue

Here’s an interesting Godaddy auctions tidbit. One would think that a name at Godaddy that is listed as a premium listing would transfer into the buyers account automatically like it does most every other time, even if the name was bought through auctions and not the premium listing. You get an email saying “your premium listing has sold” either way.

The other day I sold a name and then I got a few “please transfer the domain” emails. I ignored them, because it’s not normal. Why the hell would I have to transfer the name to another godaddy account that sold through premium listings? I was skeptical that is was even a real email and possibly a phishing attack. So I responded to one of the [email protected] emails telling me I had to transfer the name or else, and got this response.

Joshua Eisenhower,

When the Whois information for either the buy or seller has special characters, the domain will not automatically move. The domain needs to be moved to the buyer or to our holding account. You may wish to get with your Premier Services manager for assistance on moving the domain name.

What the hell does that mean and why can’t you? I certainly don’t have “special characters” in my account or it would never work. It seems weird that something that always just happens now has to be manually done by me. That’s why I’ve been cautious about doing it, not to mention a major benefit to the premium listings is not having to do anything at all, it just sells and bye bye the name goes where ever it’s suppose to go.


Main List

The No Bid List  I have no idea what comes after the last but it could be something amazing  Used clothing, vintage clothing, a thrift store.  App making company or software  Keeping your ass healthy is important. An unhealthy ass can get grumpy, make sure to feed it fresh oats and take him to the vet for regular checkups.  Could be a brand for something talk related  Sounds like a video game  Find news or coop opportunites  A place to get married in Vegas A marketing name for some kind of fuel additive that promises to give you 87 MPG  Walk around the world  An employment site for the easist and probbly most boring jobs you can find  Need to get away? Tired of people? go do something fun and relaxing on your own  Never runs out or is always cleaning  This is a good name for anything pet related. We like to think of our pets as our friends, even if they’re more like expensive children.  Get the look you want, maybe a style name, Or get a glimpse of something you might not otherwise be able to see  Up to the minute news and comment on all things Ganja related  A site to make t-shirts and give them as gifts  A food delievery service  I thought this was fun, Sometimes you need to drink a hot cup of HumiliTea.  I like phrases  2 syllables 2 words, I’m thinking a gas station coffee marketing name. Get your Gas here and Joe Too  Make new and exciting laws  The State, or very big  Keep your mind fueled and healthy  Moth balls in a can  Things you just shouldn’t do… ever  Another trans gender name,  Blue to Pink went a few months ago. Go the other way with this name.  Make pizza’s on auto pilot  Big industry that everyone uses at some point  What’s happening in the Market, What are its vital signs?  Awesome outcomes  While its usually free and as such I try and avoid it, I imagine buying the “gear” could get pricey. By gear I mean shoes, what else do you need Shane?  look like a model  Get it done in a hurry  Employers or organizations do safety pledges. You sign a sheet saying you’ll do something like wear your seatbelt every time.  Get scammed or end the scam.  Tire for racing, or really cool looking tires  a video game, or a blog about what a soldier sees  The best products that store has to offer  When your wrong but really good at it.  Small amounts of crack infused into candy to get you hooked.  Insurance.  It’s all tricky  Low calorie wine  Get better sleep  A content outsourcing site

Names With Bids  Lot’s of new legal Pot growers out there with more in the future. They’ll always need supplies to grow the product  I’ve been there, not really a tourist destination by any stretch


Flippa/SEDO Seems like a good Tech name, I only think that because I’ve watched all the Silicon Valley episodes and it was all about compression.

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