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Domainer Ethics

Yesterday a friend contacted me about a domain that expired and was recently sold at Godaddy auctions. The name was being used for a Catholic elementary school website. It displayed upcoming fundraisers for the general public as well as internal school information for the students and parents to access.

Shortly after the completion of transaction, the domain that numerous children navigate to everyday, redirected to Russian porn.

I contacted the new owner of the domain, and they immediately took the porn redirect down, so I won’t mention which domain it was. It makes me think of the larger issue of domainer ethics and responsibility, not only to the industry but to society in general.

If Russian porn is how you make money, that’s fine, but if you’re going to use recently expired domains that had been running as websites up until the time they expired, make sure that they weren’t sites that targeted children.

I actually think that the porn redirect might simply be a sales ransom tactic. I found an article with a similar situation, the domain had expired and the previous owner found their real estate business  domain resolving to porn and basically had to pay the ransom to get the porn taken down.

I asked the new owners if it would be possible to get the School’s domain back for their website and they responded, “it might be possible, but it won’t be cheap, possible several grand”. I think that if you’re approached by a previous owner right after you obtain a name, especially if it was owned by a non profit organization, that it’s only reasonable to sell them back the name for a nominal price, taking into account your time and effort.

This brings up another point, the general public are clueless as to how a domain life cycle works. The school website didn’t resolve after it expired, but the volunteer that ran the site had no idea what the issue was. I’m sure they received several emails from Godaddy advising them that the name had expired.

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25 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Saturday, March 25th and Domainer Ethics”

  1. Yeah so next we all have to be told what we can do and what we cant do with domains ? are you joking ? are you not all squatters holding domains to ransom until somebody pays a ridiculous price ? how do you think Berkens and the like get rich ?

    1. No, he’s not joking. Are you? I know that if I was contacted by the previous owner of that domain that I would just give it to them without charging anything (as long as I only paid reg fee and I could verify that their story is true). I also don’t look to buy names with lots of traffic so I can redirect them to porn sites. I make an assumption that I’m buying a name that is dropping because it is not in use anymore or an investor is letting it go. If a legitimate business lost it on accident, I have no interest in holding it for ransom.

      1. Ahh Travis you are a joker trying to brown nose the boys in the old domain cronie club…Anybody else want to come out of the woodwork and have a pop ?

    2. Yikes Stu, I don’t care if you want to direct all your domains to Russian or Donkey porn, I think it’s reasonable to do a quick check to make sure it wasn’t an fucking ELEMENTARY SCHOOL website beforehand. I mean seriously do you think that’s ok? Forget everything else I said and focus on that part, don’t put porn on domains where the traffic is largely children.

      1. Thats fucking bullshit Josh i just seen the site, your making it personal no fucking kid would ever go on that site, parents at the most…

  2. And is not like most Charities pay their CEO a ridiculous amount of money a year and the catholic church is worth Billions just like most religions…I think its sour grapes from you Josh as its somebody who you know otherwise you wouldnt give a toss.

    1. Stu, seriously no sour grapes. Just something to think about that’s all. I’m not telling you what to do with your domains, I don’t care. My main concern was children going to their school website and finding porn. I think that’s wrong. The rest is just one opinion on dynamic situations. I said it would be reasonable to give it back not that you had to or should. Berkens got rich by buying domains and selling them for lots of money, not waiting for domains to drop and selling them back to the previous owners.

      1. In fact its a business model that many of the big domainers have used previously before you even knew them, i am not naming names but its a fact Josh….

        The fact is this if you do not keep up your repayments on a home you lose it…

        The fact is if you do not keep up your repayments on a car you lose it…

        The fact is if you do not keep up your repayments on a DOMAIN you lose it…

        And cmon i just looked at the old site, no kids would even look at it not even teens never mind elementary kids, its not designed for kids to even look at…You know that Josh and so you are trying to make it personal just because its somebody who you know……If this blog is just about your personal rants then maybe you should open another site as its bringing this place down rapidly.

    2. Stu, I really can’t make it personal when I haven’t mentioned the domain or who bought it… No kid would ever go to their schools website? Maybe you’re right, I could be wrong. Thanks for taking the porn down, they appreciate it.

  3. Well Stu I haven’t even mentioned which domain it was… If I was trying to make it personal I would have identified you. I have not.

  4. Stu,

    You and I have always had a good relationship. I am probably in the cronies club you mention. Josh was trying to do something good. Nothing financial in it for him at all. You basically told him you don’t care and to go away. Your right to do whatever you want. But we write stories here. And yours is a perfect example of why most of the general public hates domain investors. You even said it. Everyone does it. It’s not for me either and there are boundaries of where I feel comfortable when it comes to porn. And redirecting any educational site to it is ethically wrong to me and everyone here at DSAD. I am sure I have plenty of ethical flaws but children aren’t one of them. So just leave it alone and do whatever you have to do to make money but this wasn’t personal until you put your name to it

  5. Obviously Shane you do not the know the full story and yes you
    all with due respect piss in each other’s pots and brown nose each other and that’s fine but Who wants to be part of that club like many others I wouldn’t …like I said a million times but obviously you just want to try and kill the guy but it won’t work that it was traunch of domains what was redirected by accident and yet you still want to kill me it looks the site infact was a site for parents as well not the pupils so that’s another point you got wrong….also once it was pointed out the redirect was taken down but you and your cronies want to kill
    The guy ….I suppose you lot have never made a mistake in your life ???? You guys the perfect men ? I bet you lot got plenty in your closet like everybody else do stop giving it all the Larry large big hotshot stuff and do what your good at…no offence but give the guy a break!
    People like berkens who want ridiculous prices for their domains give domainers a bad name but I forgot he’s part of the cronie club.

  6. Stu,

    You’re trying to make this into a fight about what you deem the haves and the have nots. You did the right thing and took down the forward. That was a good thing to do. Appreciated and I’m sure the parents do to. All you had to write was that and you would have been cast in a much better light as a good guy than all your ranting about us being asses.

  7. Why did Josh make it personal, ill tell you why because hes mrs was involved talk about unprofessional…

    We did not know it was an old school site until Josh pointed it out and like Josh said it was bought for backlinks and we may have given the domain back if it were not for Joshs public spat but why should we now, maybe Josh can explain to the Catholic school the reason they will not be getting back now at all for all the money in the world ….

    Bringing it personal should not be the way you do business Shane and Josh simple as that …I know you guys do it a lot but most people are not interested but just want to see the list that you provide and earn commissions from like me…

    As for ethical mmmm is it ethical to buy a domain for $12 then sell for thousands ? we think its right but i can tell thousands think you are ripping people off so go figure!

  8. Lol, wow.
    Not sure what the “Cronie Club” is.
    As was already mentioned no one made it personal. No names or domains were mentioned. No one knew it was you.
    Obviously you’re seeking recognition. So here goes.
    The domain was
    The domain is now owned by Al Perkins, possibly Wesley Perkins. It appears that you have a history or registering domains pointing them to porn for ransom. See the links below. You also register obviously trademarked domains, Note the numerous UDRP actions. The majority of your domains forward to, according to the site it is run by Wesley. Again not making it personal, just want you to get the proper attention your striving for.

    Here’s a few emails we shared
    -Hi Perkins,

    What’s your asking price for the name? The school wants to try and secure the original name for the site, I told them I’d look into it. I have no skin in the game, one of the volunteers works with my wife and she contacted me about he whole thing.
    -Perkins Perkins
    -I will have to ask my boss but it won’t be cheap maybe a few grand..
    to Perkins
    Gotcha, thanks I’ll pass it along.

    Have a great day,


  9. So lets recap…

    A domain was bought in good faith because of the number of backlinks.

    We didnt know what it was previously as the domain gives nothing away what is was related to…

    The redirect was in a a batch of domains what was redirected which coincidentally shouldnt of been.

    As soon as we were informed what it was previously was it was taken down immediately and yet we are being made out to be bad guys!

    Why we made out to be bad guys ? because Josh who works for dsad has a personal interest because hes Mrs works for the school and we would not sell it back at the price he wanted.

    Shane has to back up his mate as that what mates do whether right or wrong…Being loyal and all that!

    I never called anybody an ass just that you all piss in the same pot and even you admitted in an earlier post you joined the cronies club and you thought it was just that before you joined them just as i do.

    People like Mann, Berkens and Schwartz are just as guilty as making domainers look bad buy holding their domains for years asking ridiculous prices for them….

    Ask companies with similar domains who were around long before they snatched their domains, these guys just hold companies to ransom so on that note very domainer who sells a domain for more than their cost and time is guilty of it including me and you Shane.


    Its really simple as that whether you like it or not but thats the truth!

  10. Stu,

    You should have kept your mouth shut and not get your info indexed for eternity….but, too late now.

    And forward to porn…what a dick.

    “The domain is now owned by Al Perkins, possibly Wesley Perkins. It appears that you have a history or registering domains pointing them to porn for ransom.”

  11. I guess Stu could not kept quiet for this:

    “I think that if you’re approached by a previous owner right after you obtain a name, especially if it was owned by a non profit organization, that it’s only reasonable to sell them back the name for a nominal price, taking into account your time and effort”

    Forwarding to porn is always wrong in my book but he does not have to sell for cheap even if they contacted them right after and it is a non profit. I did once but it is just upto him.

    So for me, each of you has a right point and a wrong one.:)

    1. Thanks Fatih, maybe I didn’t phrase it right. I’m not saying you should do this or need to do it, just that it’s a reasonable thing to do while requesting some money for your time.

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