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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday March 24th



The gTLDs are causing a big problem in the auction market.  In order for an auction to proceed a buyer needs to know exactly what the cost to renew is.   And as I’ve stated before, not even the registrars know what the next renewal is going to cost on a high percentage of the names.  I think it is very important for an auction to contain the renewal cost for the upcoming renewal in the auction page.  But nobody is.  Travis and I were going to set up a site and an API for people to draw off for things exactly like this.  But it can’t be done.  Turns, out many registrars are literally calling to the registries to find out what the cost is on some domains and getting back to their clients.  Add in registries changing their prices on the fly with a few months noticed and it turns bidding on a gTLD to a game of guesses.  Its all so ridiculous and reason #238 why the aftermarket in New Gs has been bad.  Here are today’s names Click for current price

Quote Of The Day:  ” If you work 8 hours and sleep 8 hours, just make sure they’re not the same 8 hours  -T. Boone Pickens”

Portfolio Of The Day:   HUGE Portfolio of 299 Domains Published at Brandbucket.  Seller has had good success with his names

Domain Of The Day:      From farm maps to just a place to create maps of something

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    What the entire Hardware store concept is built around   Solid brand for anything grill related.  If George Foreman wasn’t involved it would have been called this. 21 years old   18 years old. All the Google results for this show examples of all the different water games kids can play  I used to reg a lot of double keywords.  Only the big keywords ever sold.  This one is at four figures   Anyone over 40 is going to think Sheena Easton on this one    I like systems that don’t make noise or draw attention  Merica  An herb so also a good brand   Trying to figure out where all the bids are coming from.  I’m thinking its for Colorado Code.  Gets 500 visitors and has thousands of backlinks   Two buzzwords, one price   Lead gen for bid on something   The hottest real estate city in North America after San Fran   Nice name for an app or video game manufacturer


Domains With One or No Bids Wild boar and hogs are so out of control that the government encourages hunting. And then private land owners let them get HUGE and have private hunting Sounds like a delicious sweet treat. No bids I’d buy something from this company Marriage Counselor or that’s all I got, marriage counselor Sounds like a show on TruTV Quite a few things share this name. Solid brand for mental enrichment It’s at least entertaining if anything. No bidders yet Stock photos for your website Build a Robot. Sounds much more fun than making a Bear. $12 Passionate MJ smoker or eater

Other Godaddy Domains With Bids


 SEDO   A nice CVCV with a reasonable reserve.  Add to your collection   Much much higher quality CVCV but reserve is also much higher

Survival.Biz   If you are in the survival business then its the perfect name.  Reserve is met   Company with name had some issues but other companies use the name too

Namejet Auction   Means Hour in Spanish.  Much more than just a CVCV.  Also 21 years old   Upgrade name for a lot of cafes that share the name    Forex names have done well for a decade because of the high CPC    Forex comparison site   Has met reserve.   Magical name…..sorry    How they spell it in the UK.   Imagine how much this would be without the E . One bidder   Save a million by adding the word big to it  Work drives the world.  Actually getting some great bids for a dot net  Been up for auction a lot.  I passed the first three times but not a bad name, I just have a lot of similar domains  Here’s your chance to own a name.  And a decently popular one.  I used to know a girl named Nikki and guess you could say she…….  Handbag in Spanish  DNA is going to be a big part of medicine in the near future  Great letters, reasonable reserve. What I like in a and   Repeating 8s at the beginning.  I really overpaid for my triple repeater but you win some and you lose a lot more in domain investing   one million results for The Lotus Cafe  Nobody is really using this term in the legit industry but people still buy them

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