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Check out the latest Sherpa Review where our very own lead commentor, Ategy has his submitted list reviewed by the Sherpa’s.

At last check he had 25 pages of comments, so be sure to read all of them as well.

Main List

The No Bid List heavenly noise  All the things you’d find in a nursery, Shane could sell plants online  I wanna be cool like you  A store that sells wine, or a wine tasting location sounds like a game  A person that spews evil words  an App that talks to you  a game or a strong declarative call to action type name  A service that does quick online auditions for movies or plays  A key that can’t be hacked Sounds like a comedy club The plane or ship is going down, sound the mayday  A supplement for people that have no stamina  A club for youth that love politics wear you seat belt, don’t text and drive  A name for a local towing company  How long do I have to stay here

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Domain Spotlight: