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I had an interesting day with domain sales yesterday, I sold 2 domains at Afternic and one at BrandBucket.  The first name at Afternic was a com with a really low price, right around $300. When I went transfer the name it wasn’t in my account, I did a whois search and there wasn’t any… I tried registering the name at Godaddy on my phone and I got an error message.

So I pulled up the Uniregistry app and there it was, the name was available to register.  I registered the name and  I thought “this has to be a mistake, the sale will never go through”. Well it did according to Afternic, they accepted the push  into their account.

Several important questions arise, How the hell does someone buy a “premium” domain that’s available  to hand register? Shouldn’t the system have known it was available? Did I do the right thing? Should I have told them that it was available to register? With Afternic you never know who the buyer is so that would have been difficult.

The second name sold at Afternic was a .us, one of the 10K I bought for 10 cents each. I had it listed for $999, but only $399 on the Uniregistry landing page. They bought it for the $999, you’d think a buyer would type in the URL before they blow $1k on a .us.

And finally watch the Godaddy cart, I don’t know if I jacked up my settings somehow, but there’s a damn window that pops up before checkout that has privacy checked on it. I almost put an order through today with privacy on everything in the cart. I was trying to move fast and almost missed it.

Main List

The No Bid List  Probably obsolete now, but could still be fun  A call to action name, maybe for finding a better job or stopping addiction  A blog about a overcoming rampant debt and pathological lying.

These are timeless jokes that never get old.  Could be a slogan for politics or American made products It’s a buzz word  Seriously dude, can you relax. A brand for anxiety treatment Can stop committing crime? Go to crime rehab Domain Name Hunter snipes all the good domains  Short simple name for a dog food brand  The site that cuts through any hype and dispells it  Helps customers get over their financial fear and plan a budget or retirement  I customer service solution that has real live people ready to help fix your problems  A strong sounding fertilizer brand  Stack is an in word still I think  A property management company or Landlord software that makes it passive or almost passive being a landlord  Make better more informed choices sober  The guy that installs the solar panels  Video software, app or channel  zero chance with the number  A service that arranges, sky diving, hiking, backpacking, rafting, things like that  Something that blocks Ad’s on your computer or TV  Go ahead, let it out, it’s ok to get angry  Can’t wait to go camping  The site that compares 2 products side by side  Capitalize on the opioid problem by selling narcan. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but here’s how this all went down. Over prescribe pain meds, because we don’t want anyone to fell any pain at all, pain offends people.  Create thousands of addicts addicted to opiate based medications, woops now what do we do? Heroin is easier to get when the Dr’s stop giving out the Rx’s,  lets sell narcan so when they overdose someone is there to push atomized narcan up their nose. Big Pharma laughs all the way to the bank, they get paid coming and going. This is what I would say if I was a consiracy theorist, but like I said I’m not.  The Drone that brings your cold lager from the fridge  Latin economics?  Nothing wrong with a little man cleavage showing every now and then  Sounds like a cleaner  A fun fishing name, people pay lots of money to hunt and fish in Alaska I can see the oxen pulling the wagon in the logo  A steam engine rail tour

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6 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, January 10th”

  1. Hello Josh,

    Do you live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania?

    If you do, I am your neighbor in Berks County!

    I purchased name at GD auction and owner renewed it, looks like you. I see the address.

    Small world.

    1. Paul,
      Sounds good, Stoudt’s brewing should be somewhere in the middle right? Yeah sorry about the late renewals, I’m still catching up.

  2. I had the GD window auto up for privacy as well…
    Glad I caught it…

    Congrats on your sales…
    I’m getting ready to list a batch…
    Going form currently just under 3000 names
    and want to get down to 500 or less…

    Watching the game show “The Wall” (smile)

    ~Patricia Kaehler — Ohio USA — DomainBELL

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