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I traded Noah Kagan a domain for a hat and tacos

About a month ago I get this email from [email protected] about a domain. I have to be honest I didn’t know who he was the week before that email, but I had just finished listening to Mike Cyger’s  interview with Noah two days prior to the email.

Noah asked if the domain was for sale and that he was trying to help out a friend, by giving them the domain as a gift. The name wasn’t anything special to me and it was listed with a BIN price so I figured that he was obviously looking a wholesale price.

I replied with an asking price of one Million dollars, I figured that was his normal buying range. 🙂 Instead of quoting an actual asking price or telling him to go to Afternic, I said I’d get back to him in a few days and that I was sure we could work something out.

I emailed him back and didn’t hear anything until he sent me another email 2 days later, asking what I had come up with. I thought that I had responded to him but my dumb ass had responded to myself in the gmail conversation thread lol. Watch out for that, the emails get threaded and it’s easy to hit reply to yourself. You would think this would be easy to spot, but it’s not if it just stays in  the thread.

Anyway, I responded again and requested the following terms for the domain.

Austin’s best tacos shipped in a cowboy hat

-A range of money from $100 to $500 contrasted with email marketing advice, tools, help that he had to offer valued for the difference. I don’t even know if that makes sense: so for example, if he values the domain at $1000, he would decide on some formula of money/marketing tools that he sets the value on. In this case he could pick $100 + $900 in marketing “stuff”

Obviously I did this more for fun than anything, but Noah agreed to my terms. He paid me $101, sent a hat from Amazon, had his assistant contact me and set up local taco delivery. Noah then said to start out going through the app sumo tools for phase three, which I haven’t done yet.

He asked me a few domain related questions about finding expired domains. I sent him a rather verbose response, he said that he liked the information and asked permission to use some of it in an article he was writing.

I think the main thing I’ve learned or maybe had reinforced from this experience, is that everything doesn’t have to be about money or getting the highest price. We don’t need to extract every last bit of copper out of our names. We can use them to help others by showing grace and giving them a domain they need, we can use them to network and build relationships and we can use them to strengthen relationships we already have.

I don’t know how many times I’ve registered a name off the drop because it made me think of a friend personally or their business. Even if they don’t want the name it doesn’t matter, it’s only $8, who cares.

Domain of the Day: Internet marketing post, instant message post or a one word domain meaning
“a tax or similar compulsory payment.
the weight carried by a horse as a handicap.”  

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