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After watching too many British historical fiction TV shows, I’ve come up with a brilliant solutions to overcrowded prisons.

To begin with, Prison seems like a stupid punishment. They lock someone up, give them room and board, a fitness plan, clothes, bedding; all these things cost money.

They just sit there, not really rehabilitating, just existing in a shitty environment that probably makes them a worse human being than when they started their sentence.

Obviously there are violent offenders that have to be locked up, but for the rest of them there has so be a better solution.

And I’ve found the answer in historic imperial Britain.

The punishment of Transportation. We simply ship them somewhere else. This is where my plan gets a little fuzzy, but the sky’s the limit as far as options. There are many places in the world that are undesirable to live in, could be too cold or too hot. We ship the criminals to these places to serve their sentence of Transportation. Doesn’t even have to be extreme weather locations, just deserted of other people.

Jobs, tracking, living conditions could all be sorted out in the details, but I think overall it’s a win win. The problem is removed, Tax money is saved, and non violent offenders aren’t rotting away in prison joining gangs.

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13 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Saturday, February 15th”

  1. Not sure about your prison plan, but I agree there needs to some prison reform. I bought the name a few years ago just for that reason. When George Bush Jr. was leaving office he made the remark that we need to integrate these folks back into society. They have served their time and they need jobs. 2 million of them are released each year.

    I have a few ideas for this domain, with the non-violent offenders. (The heinous criminals should be instant organ donors or plant food. ) But, let’s try and help them be productive again. They are coming back into society either way.

  2. You have been watching too many British historical “fiction” TV shows. Perhaps study the “non-fiction” reality in full first before making such crass (albeit whimsical?) and quite offensive commentary. Thought this was a Domain Blog, not a forum for political opinion.

    1. Yikes! First of all Paul, the Blog is about whatever the hell I feel like writing about at 03:00. Second, WTF are you talking about? Don’t really see any political angle, unless you think I’m advocating British Imperialism. You might want to reflect on and adjust your level of sensitivity if you were offended. You sound like a woke Fenian that hates the BBC.

      1. You actually just libelled me. That is not m in the article. Extremely irresponsible of you. You need to immediately refer this to Shane and rectify.

  3. Have SpaceX send them to the Martian penal colony.

    J/k of course. That’s likely another twenty to thirty years off.

    No really, j/k.

    Speaking of criminals and British historical fiction, have you seen the Netflix series The Frankenstein Chronicles? It’s plot is partly centered around the passage of the 1832 Anatomy Act. I won’t say any more, to avoid spoiling it, but after watching I did a bit of research on it and thought this article offered an interesting bit of insight:

    Frankenstein and the 1832 Anatomy Act

    1. I’ll have to take a look at that one Michael, I don’t think I’ve seen it, though it can get confusing with so many Monster, Vampire shows out there. I’ll also check out Anatomy Act link that you posted.

  4. Thanks for selling it so cheap Josh (ha)

    What you use a domain for is quite relevant. Amazing how people get offended so easily. Followed that link in your last comment Josh, wow.

    Thanks, and been enjoying this blog for a long time now. Keep on keeping on!

    1. lol, yeah
      It might have been a bulk pricing error at that certain price. Still good margin for me, I just looked it up, I paid reg fee. Hand caught it at Godaddy. I did transfer it to enom at one point with the intention of auctioning it off on Namejet

  5. I was surprised because you had the same idea I have been thinking about. I didn’t come up with it but it was discussed somewhere and I thought it was rational and fair. Remove the criminal elements from society and leave them to their own devices, but keep them away from each other through monitoring so there is no social contact. Only ensure they have enough resources to survive and live healthy, or for those who cannot be rehabilitated (murderers, rapists) supplies so they can live entirely independently planting seeds, and maybe some basic items like flour, rice, and lighters for making their own camp, and also reading material which is not religious but based on psychology and other things to improve themselves so they can begin to think more rationally, and recognise, accept, and atone for the damaging effects they caused the society.

    The basic needs are provided because the society is jointly responsible for outcomes of their citizens. We don’t live in a vacuum, and therefore if you allow asocial, or otherwise incapable or unhealthy individuals to raise children YOU AND EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE SOCIETY ARE JOINTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS due to the society own neglect, ignorance, laziness, and the INSANE IDEA that everyone should have the right to have children.

    Another addition may be that individuals in the society decide (not a judge and a few individuals) if they are suitable for reintegration, however a judge can make an assessment and recommendation only. For example, it should be feasible for someone who commits a less serious crime such as stealing a car will serve an indefinite sentence until they can demonstrate their behaviour has changed, so therefore every sentence is in fact a life sentence by default.

    The individuals who vote on the reintegration of the criminal may be from the areas they have resided in during their lifetime. If they’re 40, and lived the first 20 years in one place, 10 in another, and 10 in a third location, the vote will come from 50% of the residents in the first location, and 25% from the two other areas. This might be a daily voting scenario where everyone casts their opinions and votes, and ambiguities are resolved together with trained professionals.

    We should also vote on everyday laws and rules and the government will implement these as-is as the will of the people, as it should be the case in any real democracy. What we are allowing are fake democracies (representative democracies) which are effectively dictatorships and a cesspool of partisan idiots on the left and the right who are equally demented and deranged and scream for their own teams as if this is a a game of football because they are unable to think for themselves because they are lazy, or sociopaths that want someone who can assure their greed or perversions are protected from the rational minority who desire real peace and freedom, and equality in fairness.

  6. To add to my last post, a democratic voting system will ensure that each individual is responsible for the progress and outcomes of their society. Therefore there’ll be no one else to blame, and everyone will be involved each day regarding the path their society takes, and not remain as automatons who predictably relinquish their own responsibility, power, and destiny to the ‘lesser evil’ of a few preselected nutters.

    Normal people in general are not interested in war or power games, and will therefore always choose peaceful ordinance, and given rational and unbiased information, everyone should be capable of contributing to genuine peaceful progress and ensure that we collectively and peacefully vote the elitists into the deserts so they can eat dirt before they can run to their underground bunkers to unleash hell on everyone.

    1. Hey Jack – representative democracies exist (not arguing whether that is good or bad) for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is humans are too lazy to participate in the way that would be necessary to vote on everything. Not necessarily related to the topic at hand 100%, but you seem like you might find the book Sapiens very interesting. I know I did. Here is a very long summary of it, but I would recommend you read the actual book. Enjoy!

  7. Thanks for the book recommendation.

    Real democracy would require a big change in attitude, but I think a lot of us are more ready for it than we might think. The internet can of course simplify things, and the blockchain might be used to guarantee its integrity, although I think it should be more than only technology based, and I’m always thoughtful of the simplest and most primitive fallback possible. I know the the Swiss have a form of direct democracy, but this culture might not be welcomed in the rat-race nations due to laziness (overworking is a form of laziness as it hinders other obligations) and/or sabotage . A drastic cultural change is needed, which however I don’t foresee happening. Yet given serious and mounting global problems like overpopulation and the resulting resource scarcity, mass migrations, unemployment, climate change and war, all this might finally push the common man past their tolerance, and they’ll be woke-pilled and ready to make the necessary sacrifices to control and to be master of our own destinies.

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