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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday February 16th, 2020

A lot of you know the story of how I started running but some may not. It happened before I started writing this blog. 12 years ago I saw “P. Diddy runs the city” . A show about P. Diddy trying to run the NY marathon and his training. He would party all night and train in the morning/afternoon. He did it but it was a slow slog. His goal was to beat Oprah Winfrey’s time and he did but barely. I thought to myself. That looks like a great way to lose weight. So I decided to start running. I told myself I would start during the fall.

That summer I took a trip to Hawaii with my family. Our first time to the island and it was amazing. One thing I did was bodyboard/surf. One day the waves at Magic Sands beach were incredible. Perfect waves. So I headed out. As soon as I got out there I knew the waves were too much for a mainlander and turned around to come back in. I decided to catch one more wave to help push me in. When I caught the wave I got in too early. The wave threw me over the top and pile drove me into the bottom. When I hit the bottom I heard a big pop and then I felt nothing. I couldn’t feel my body and I couldn’t move. I was just laying their in the water pretty sure I was going to drown. The fortunate part of Hawaii is the lifeguards take their job very seriously. Within minutes they were out there and had me on a board. By the time they got out there I could feel my feet tingling and could at least stand up so I didn’t drown but I couldn’t feel my arms and my legs were like a newborn deer. The put me on a board and sent me off in an ambulance.

The long and short of the story is I had torn my brachial plexus muscle which in laymen terms is like a stinger a football player gets but much worse and maybe permanent damage. My left arm took over a year to come back to full use and my thumb still itches 12 years later. But the feeling of initial impact never goes away. All I could think of was me being paralyzed and the burden it would put on my family. That I would never be able to walk or run again. I vowed from that hospital bed to never take my body for granted. I ran my first race with that gimp arm hanging by my side. As I was in Kona I vowed to come back and thank the lifeguards and to do Ironman. I did come back and thanked them the next year. I still tear up thinking about it. It truly was a life changing moment.

I did end up doing two Ironmans but have never been fast enough to do it at Kona. But I will. I run each day because I can. When I started running I got more energy. I started a blog which I sold for a lot of money. I started this blog after. I became the man I am today because of that accident. I will be going to that same spot in Hawaii this week and will continue to come to the spot the rest of my life to renew my vows to myself, my family, and my God. I was given another chance or at least a reminder.

Domain of the Day: I tried to get some bids in but I already pushed it above what I was willing to pay so I might as well put it here. I’ll probably go back like I always do but it’s going to go for a lot of green

Quote of the Day: When you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” -Banksy Names at Auction or Dropping Already getting some nice bids. Such a huge industry that there’s little to no chance of someone getting a good tld for a lower price like this It’s a marijuana term for a bubbler. I didn’t know either until I saw the auction for and wondered why it got so high. Get it? High I usually stick with real dictionary words for my dot io but this is a rare one that I think a brandable would be good for a dot io Girls name and of course the car 124 repositories on GitHub meaning quite a few people are naming their projects this

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction 1996 birthday. Makes it sound like someone is working hard No bidders on this nice Deck plans and ideas alone give this pretty good value Sexy. We talked about this on Sherpa. Could sell anything sexy A bit of a Tarzan name but under $1000 reserve is worth looking at Good for you dot gg lovers but but its in the dot com so its kinda of confusing. And one more G and Gregg would have a fan club Every state has a Springfield and many are big cities. The local TV stations should all want to own this Registered in 19 other tlds . Beach port with 47,000 residents Looking forward to to see what X is all about As good of a dot co as I’ve seen. And I don’t even like dot co Last chance to get your 5 ones Silly name No bids. Islamic name. Not a ton of results so not all that popular……….yet Also no bids. Nice looking and sounding brand for $79

Godaddy Domains With Bids The V isn’t stopping the price. Shorts are killing it lately Anything bet is getting it done lately I know some will like it but its a bit 2007 for me For you oil and natural gas lovers. Fuck Tesla FX is already a channel….or did it close down Godaddy loves this one . It makes sense and it sounds like an heliski site. All mountains are skiable with a helicopter Upgrade name for thousands of places Tinder or LinkedIn Capital and Media names still doing well If I’m a pet business I’m all over the dot net. Cheap but still memorable Sounds like a fake metal 1999 birthday. 5L dot com and Godaddy has it valued at $5K Dog, planet, or startup Can’t buy Diet Coke here Odd form of the word but sounds like you’ve gone back to your roots Choice as in “The Best” Sounds like the cheap brand your Mom got you when you wanted Name Brand I have had good luck selling berry names over the years. Sold 3 or 4

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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Domain Spotlight:

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