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In the last episode of Ike’s DSAD list we exchanged a few ideas, shared a few laughs and Shane got called a Richard Cranium. I’m not worried about that, he’s got thick skin and I have no problem with someone expressing themselves.  I think that if our first reaction should not be getting offended to anything. It’s usually a good idea to try and look at something from someone else’s point of view if possible, try and see where they’re coming from, figure out why they said what they said. But more importantly there’s no value in being offended, it doesn’t produce anything, you’ll probably make bad decisions feeling that way, and ultimately if someone is trying to offend you, on purpose, then who gives a shit what they think.

The problem(s) with Frank’s post is that while he didn’t like what Shane had to say, It was a valid statement and he would have been better served reflecting on the implications, possibly doing a little soul searching, and most importantly looking for a different way to make money.  

If you shamelessly plug your portfolio for everyone to see, and ask for someone to “take a look at it” one would assume that you’re looking for feedback. You specifically navigated to a blog that has the sole purpose of talking about domains, so you’ve acknowledged that this might be a place that has some level of authority on the topic.

Then, there’s one comment and you’re offended. Would you rather Shane say something like “yeah it’s really good, keep up the good work”? Lying so as not to disrupt your delicate feelings while at the same time condoning your domain delusions, further propelling you into your archipelago of fragmented dictionaries?

Just as bad would be the soft, “Well I see a few problems but you’re working hard at it, keep trying. No. At this point you need tough love. You need to know unequivocally, that you are heading down the wrong path, or more accurately that you’ve already gone down the wrong path. In fact it’s not even a path anymore, it’s barely a deer trail.  Everyone else that insisted on taking that path gave up a long time ago, they turned around and went home or starved to death.

One of the most frustrating things associated with trying to help people learn domains is giving advice, watching them not take any of that advice, do stupid shit, and then have them ask for more advice. You don’t have to listen to anything I or anyone else has to say and you probably shouldn’t listen to everything I say, but if you find yourself asking the same questions while doing the same thing, then you’re doing it wrong.

Our knowledge, actions and plan of attack should be a collaboration of gleaned information from numerous sources, individual life experience and past results. There are so many little individual variables, different environments and mindsets that at some point you have to bring it all together by yourself.

So since Frank has generously offered his portfolio for review and learning purposes, lets take a look. Hopefully he’ll be more receptive to feedback. Frank has asked for feedback numerous times since I’ve been a partner at DSAD.  Admittedly, I can at times,  just like Shane, be a dickhead, Though I tell myself it’s “passion”  and not an inherent trait.

First off is a bad name to sell retail domains. DN means nothing to anyone that you want to sell your domains to, the general public knows nothing about them. That’s a key thing to remember with anything, “Who is my target audience”

The second thing I noticed,  despite preaching it daily from the rooftops as the quickest and most consistent way to sell domains, is that there are no f-ing buy it now prices on any of these damn things. Even if I thought these names reached the lower end of salability, the only way for them to sell would be with a buy it now price. Sure there might be the occasional miracle, unicorn sighting  or flying pig, but let’s go with what works best.

There’s no real order to anything so that’s another negative as far as the setup goes. Frank has Camel Cased some of the domains, which is good. However take the time and do it to all that apply, for example, which doesn’t have a prayer in hell of ever selling, moves up to “Having a tiny chance of selling by accident” If it looked like this  Same with, I’m not really sure how big this sport is, but I think it’s changed to non-binary anyway but I’m not sure. It’s confusing.

There are a few random 4L’s that would sell wholesale, but it’ll take a long time in an unpriced  boutique setting. Just take the 6N down it’s clogging up the first page.

The GTLD’s seem like a waste of money, but who knows.

WTF is a Brexit Ferry?  People actually leaving Britain on a boat?

How much are .ai registrations. Not sure there’s any value in or for that matter bit coin gold. The extension doesn’t really match.

LowCostLocalGyms… Who’s gonna buy this ambiguous plural? Are they looking to save money at numerous gyms? Seems like a waste of money. Are Gyms somehow mobile or online? Aren’t they all “local”?

Hopefully there’s some dude out there that wants to build 2 Mega Gyms, one in the Netherlands, and one in India.

I take it back, most of these aren’t camel cased, has a tool that will help you do 2000 at a time. Just process them there, don’t do a few manually then stop.

BestWorkMouse…. ?  

StartitCentar?  A site for half horse half man, entrepreneurs looking to make their fortunes.

Names like  are not domains that a business will buy, Maybe someone will do a little side by side affiliate site, but they won’t pay you for this name and it’s already been done.

Then there’s a plethora of porn trademarked CCTLD’s. I’m not really sure if the brandable porn name market is “hot” right now, but no one is going to negotiate the price of a CCTLD for a name that’s already a trademarked business. Maybe if it had a small BIN price they’d buy it for some hack site. But I doubt they want to talk to you and negotiate for the name of their illegal future site.

Then there’s a bunch of one word cctld’s, but they’re mainly sex related. Try to broaden your search terms, might make a good email, but probably not many potential buyers. I guess it could be street, like Penis Street. I don’t think anyone lives there.

Here’s a fun one, and ,nl. Is there a higher than average sexual attraction to animals in these places? Why are you even searching for these terms Frank?

Well look at this!  Even better than the first time, you get an extra “t” for free!

I could go on forever, actually I can’t because there is now blood running out of my eyes.  This is probably one of the worst overall list of domains that I have ever seen. There’s no prices, they’re not names a business would buy, the few that even make a small bit of sense as words would be geared to some type of affiliate site.  The porn cctld’s hacks are a no go, and the rest are mostly related to sexual organs and banging animals. At lease take the time to camelcase the domains so I don’t have to try and figure out if it’s a shitty name or a 14 letter acronym.

In summary, if you’re looking for someone to evaluate your domains by posting them in a public setting, don’t take offense and call people names for doing what you asked them to do just because you don’t like the answer.

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  1. Well done Josh. You put in the time and effort to be constructive on your evaluation. Our evaluation results were exactly the same but yours was so much more professional. I knew I would be accused of not liking Frank and that’s why I was harsh. It’s not. It’s because its bad. Bad for someone new. Even worse for someone that has been doing it as long as him. It has nothing to do with how much money one has. Its about choices. We are harsh on him because we don’t want readers to follow his choices

    PS for those playing along its this portfolio

  2. Thanks for the laugh…almost spit out my coffee on this one:

    And this is classic:

    That’s funny stuff! I gotta check out the whole list.

    On some level I wish these folks just “keep on keeping on” cause its less competition for names. But, I understand trying to help your fellow brother and domainer.

  3. Danm, Josh, I think you may have missed your calling, you should have been a comedian! I too, almost spit my coffee out reading this post.

  4. The amazing thing is how many “domainers” think like this. Shit upon shit upon shit. Just the overhead of a 900+ domain portfolio of shit names should be enough to make someone take pause and ask “Is what i’m doing actually working?”

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