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I made it to Kentucky and back alive with a boat. I left at 1am and got home around 1am the next day and drove 1360 miles. Apparently most people load these auction vehicles on trailers or car transporters because they don’t give you any kind of temporary registration or license plate. Sooo I drove all the way home without a license plate and one trailer tail light out.

Overall it was probably a bad idea with a ton a variables that could have gone wrong. When I picked up the boat I towed it out of the gate and pulled over to see if I could get any of the trailer lights to work. The trailer didn’t have a lock pin either so I took a small keychain carbiner and jammed it through the trailer tongue lock.  I found a Harbor Freight that about 12 miles away and drove there to buy supplies.

I managed to change the trailer plug and got the brake and turn signal lights working, bought a lock pin, and a bunch of extra straps to secure the whole thing.

I got back on the road and heading east and stopped at a rest stop in the middle of the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia.  That’s when I noticed grease coming out of the passenger side trailer wheel hub. The hubs weren’t hot, but grease was leaking out due to  brittle gaskets.  Luckily I had some grease with me, so I stuffed some new grease in the hub, put the gasket back on, pressed a bottle cap against the gasket to hold it in place, cut a plastic bag to go over the whole assembly, then wrapped the whole thing in electrical tape. I don’t  know if it worked or I just got lucky, but the wheel stayed on and didn’t overheat.

So if you decide to buy a boat at an online auction and the vehicle is 650 miles away, you should take the following with you.

Supplies to rewire the trailer lights,

A hitch lock pin

Spare Wheels or wheel bearing supplies

Probably best to not go by yourself: bring a friend that has nothing else to do in the middle of the week

Caffeinated drinks

A bottle to pee in

A can a mixed nuts: it’ll help constipate you so you don’t need to take a dump in gas station bathrooms

A license plate from another trailer to put on the trailer you bought. It’s “probably” not legal, but most cops don’t care that much about the trailer tag so long as one is there. (I made that up, I have no idea if they care)  Better yet get a Maine tag, You can use them in most states and they don’t return any info when the cop that pulls you over tries to run it. I’ve tested this, I’m not even sure if Maine enters any info, they’re basically one step above novelty plates but they seem to work.


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  1. Josh, On the trailer tags…. I had my SUV and trailer tag colors the same – due in the same month – Los Angeles. Paid both and got the two stickers. I accidentally put the truck tag on the boat trailer and the other on my truck. Well, in L.A.,, this is how it works: Even though my registrations were current, I was thrown in the slammer and had to bail out and get my vehicles out of storage. But, glad it all worked out. Hope it was a good buy.

    1. put in jail for accidentally swapping registration tags – gotta love Cali…

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