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I’ll Chalk This One Up to Bad Luck

I purchased a domain last week on DnForum.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I PR5 and DMOZ listed domain that is garden related.  Perfect for linking to sites I have and to further develop into a nice gardening site.  I sent the money and soon after the seller realizes he can’t push a domain the day after it was pushed into his account.  He has a good rating so I figured I would be willing to wait. Then Google decided to update PR

Low and behold my domain or soon to be domain…maybe, is now down to a PR4.  I paid for a PR5 domain and before its even in my hands it gets chopped.  As I’ve said in an earlier post, PR is not the world to me, but I do use it for links to my own sites that are similarly related.  I was curious, what would others do in this situation.  I’ve chalked it up to bad luck.  Would you?

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One Reply to “I’ll Chalk This One Up to Bad Luck”

  1. Yes a bit of bad luck here. However my primary concern would be getting control of the domain ASAP. Google does what it does, PR could have went down a week after you had the domain, it also can also go back up. The PR going down unexpectedly isn’t the fault of the seller as long as it was a “good faith” PR5 when you completed purchase. I wouldn’t sweat it too much, there are far worse domain nightmares that have happened

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