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I’m Getting a New Phone and Need Suggestions

I hope my boss Shane Cultra doesn’t mind me taking over his little domain space here for my own personal issues, but I figured I need suggestion from our readers for this one…

I need to get a new cell phone. I currently have a Blackberry Torch 9800, which I like for several reasons, but Blackberrys are behind the curve at this point. The apps suck (if there are any), the OS is slow and outdated (at least on my phone), and the web browsing is terrible. I suppose I could look into the newer versions of the Torch but at this point I’d like to get some input. I could go to the local dealer but I know the sales rep would simply try to push whatever’s making them the commission on me and I’d rather have the opinion of some real people.

First, the things I like about my current phone.

Slide out Keyboard I love Blackberry keyboards. The keys are raised up perfectly and are side by side with no real spaces just like a computer keyboard. At this point I can text without looking at what I’m doing and I like having that much familiarity with the keyboard. I never use the on-screen touch keyboard.

Email Blackberrys are great for email. Email is very easy to set up and the email area on the phone is very intuitive.

Touch Screen and Touch Controller I can click on the screen or control the phone by scrolling wherever I want with the touch controller located on the face of the phone.

BB Messanger This used to be great until everyone started abandoning Blackberrys.

Things I don’t like at this point

Web browsing The web browsing sucks…it’s nothing like being on a computer which is more what I’m looking for at this point.

Screen Size The screen size on my phone is pretty small compared to a lot of phones I see these days, I am jealous.

Apps Nobody makes apps or games for Blackberry. I don’t even know what Angry Birds looks like.

OS Apparently newer versions of BB have Blackberry 7…I think I have Blackberry 6…its not good.

Camera The video is alright but the camera sucks for some reason…its 2 or 3 MP or somethin, but the photos don’t come out good.

What I’m looking for…

I’m going to rule out any iPhone and here’s why. If iPhone had an actual keyboard instead of it being a touch screen only keyboard, I might be on board. I can’t stand touch screen keyboards…so I’m going to have to pass.

Probably looking for an Android phone. Looking for a big screen with an actual keyboard, slide-out is OK. I would like the ability to take video and email it, which BB doesn’t really allow due to some strange video format it saves it in. I’d like a good camera. Email is important to me so it should be easy to use. I know there are tons of apps for Droids so that is no concern. I’d like a very good web browser that is easy to use and fast. I’m sure there are some of you out there that have phones that you like that probably match my qualifications…I hope so anyways. Oh and I’m also on ATT network…but I’m willing to get any phone (unlocked or whatever) as long as it’s a good fit for me.

I look forward to responses. Thanks for the help.

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10 Replies to “I’m Getting a New Phone and Need Suggestions”

  1. Check out the HTC Vigor coming out, or it might already be out. Sexxxxy alternative if you dont want to be an apple fanboy. Although they do make high quality and reliable products. Also, RIP SJ.
    Apple or HTC the way to go for smart phones. Skip ANYTHING motorola, Sumsung and LG.

    Glad I could help = )

  2. I had a real keyboard then I switched to the iPhone. After getting used to it, I’ll never go back.

    Hey… Do it for Steve.

  3. I face the same issue, like the BB keyboard, BB MSGR is not bad, but browsing sucks, slow os, buggy… I know the BOLD TOUCH 9900 is very nice, but BB is behind the curve

  4. Here is the trouble with iPhones – you need two! Try Dual screen, baby! You’ll never go back!

    Try the Kyocera Echo, or the T-Mobile LG, set to launch soon! Or the Clamshell-Type LG Genesis, available from US Cellular. Here is real feedback on the Kyocera Echo from an iPhone blogger! Talking about his wife:

    “Aside from the battery issue, she LOVES the dual screen, as do I. It isn’t like those clam shell designs that people talk about; the screen sort of clicks out and unhinges in a graceful way, and clicks easily into place. I have to say that the hinge mechanism is incredibly well built, and shows absolutely no sign of wear. She likes it because she can fold out the dual screens and play video on it for our kids in the car, and they get a nice, big screen to look at. You can also set the phone up with the screens perpendicular to one another, so that it takes on the shape and ergonomics of a mini laptop. Again, the only design flaw is the battery issue. They really should have stuck two batteries into it — one for each screen.”

  5. “The iPhone browser supports domaimers. Type in a word like Bullion into the URL and it goes to
    That should be reason enough.”

    What if you don’t want to go to

  6. iPhone4s is the best.

    You have to learn to use touch screen keyboard.

    I used to hate touch screen keyboard, now I love it….over time, you will get used to it. Even kids can learn to get use to anything these days…

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