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Where To Get A Domain For $1

Most hand registrations are pretty much worthless, so why pay more than you have to? I ran across a site today that is offering one .com domain to new customers for $1. The site is and it appears to be a reseller for Wild West Domains/GoDaddy. I’ve never seen one of these resellers offering domains for such a low price and quite honestly I’m not really sure how they’re getting away with it. To the best of my knowledge, resellers through GoDaddy get their domains at a set price and then set their selling price for the reseller site…if the reseller pricing is $7.29/domain and they sell domains for $12.29 on the reseller site, they make $5 profit per domain…you get the idea. The thing is, I was pretty sure a reseller could not set the selling price for domains below their own cost. I guess it’s possible that they are eating the cost of the domains somehow and banking on the idea that you’ll renew your domain with them or purchase their hosting which is priced pretty high compared to most. Whatever it is, it’s a good deal for you if you need a new domain. Most of us know how to get GoDaddy names for $8 by now but 7 dollars is 7 dollars. Just be ready to transfer the domain out if you plan on keeping it because there’s no telling what the renewal fee will be next year.

I did go through the purchasing process to confirm this works and it does as of this moment. The price is for the first year only and comes to $1.17 after the ICANN fee. No, I did not try creating another account to see if I could get another domain for $1, but I’m sure some of you will try and let us all know…if it doesn’t work I guess I’ll get my one domain and be done with ’em…hence


Well that was short lived. Since this posted, the offer has been removed, pretty strange. Now they should change their site to

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  1. Must have been a short lived promotion.

    New .COMs are now listed at $9.49 (plus ICANN fee).

    No 99 cents offer.

  2. Yes, strange. I wonder if this post had anything to do with it… but, if they didn’t want people registering domains for $1, why offer it in the first place? The photo at the top of the article is from a screenshot from the site yesterday.

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