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I’m Official: I Received a C and D Letter To Remove a Quote From an Article On DomainShane

You haven’t made it in the world of blogging until you’ve received a letter from someone’s lawyer asking you to remove comments that are deemed “slander” I reposted  an article some random person on the Internet had written about a guy that wouldn’t sell him a domain. I reposted it and then defended the “squatter” by comparing domains to land. It’s first come first serve, and as long as you aren’t infringing on trademarks, you can charge whatever you like or even refuse a sale.

Evidently this person couldn’t get past the fact that one of the most most important domain blogs in the world and ruler of the Google had put his name at the forefront of the domain industry in an unflattering light. Instead of emailing me or calling me to resolve it and take it down he got lawyer happy and sent me a C and D letter. I usually will give these types of letter the big FU but I really don’t have time to mess with petty stuff and it was a boring little story anyway,  so I just took it down (google it and you can read the cache and the original article) and filled the post with my opinion. Basically it said, I wouldn’t buy a domain from this guy. It’s just my opinion and the last time I checked I can give my opinion here.

I think he forgot I am on his side. He had done nothing wrong and that’s what my post was trying to say but evidently he doesn’t understand sarcasm. So he got it taken down and now instead of getting rid of a problem now he has me and my bad opinion of him.  I certainly wouldn’t buy a domain from him but then again that’s me and my opionion.  You’ll have to make your own.   All I know is…….I HAVE ARRIVED

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5 Replies to “I’m Official: I Received a C and D Letter To Remove a Quote From an Article On DomainShane”

  1. What a fool Marty Maradiaga is !

    I hope this action follows him for a long time in the domain industry.

  2. It seems the world needs to learn the Streisand effect one instance at a time…

    If it’s the same guy, he’s a realtor:

    Marty Maradiaga

    Whois shows identical info for and Pretty safe to say it’s the same guy since forwards to a mortgage lead gen site, and zip is a substring of the realty name.

    So that explains the legal angle; probably thought that the linked article showed him in a bad light and potential customers might see your writeup on page one in the SERPs for his name. Even though his actions were perfectly fine, as you stated in your original article.

    But it doesn’t explain why he went after you while the whiner who wrote the linked article wasn’t censored. It shows up just two positions under your link in google for the term “Marty Maradiaga”.

    Who knows. In any case, congrats!

  3. I don’t think Marty Maradiaga is cybersquatter but he is definitely a fcuking idiot for using a lawyer’s letter instead of an email. As if he would have spend money to actually sue someone.

    Get a life Marty.

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