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Domain Squatters Should Be Strung Up!


Mr. Marty Maradiaga had his nice little lawyer send me a C and D order for reposting a quote from another person. Instead of calling me or emailing me and asking me in person he had his lawyer do it. I took it down but I am going to add this. Mr. Maradiaga I WAS DEFENDING YOU. One email, one phone call and you could have explained your side and it would be over, BUT NO you waste your money and MY TIME by sending me a C and D letter. I do not like you and you are not the kind of person I would buy a domain from AND IN MY OPINION do not agree with how you do business. If someone were to ask me about you I would tell them I, Shane Cultra, will not do business with him. You are not a cybersquatter nor a crook just someone that is lawyer happy. There are you happy? I took the post down

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  1. There’s saying here in romania….”the water passes but the stones remain” 😉 We all buy domains to sell them later for a profit;)

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