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It Doesn’t Take A Lot To Get Me To Change Parking Companies

by Chris Woodward

I’ve heard it a thousand times…parking is dead. I agree. I don’t own tens-of-thousands of domains and my parking revenue is a joke. I have a lot of domains that get type in traffic, but the clicks they do get just don’t mean anything anymore. It’s to the point that I barely bother even checking to see what I’ve made recently and when I do eventually receive a payout I like to treat myself to a free night at the bar. I’m sure most of you can relate.

I currently park at ParkLogic and while they have been by far the best of any parking company I’ve been with to this point, it certainly wouldn’t take a lot for me to try something different. So yesterday when I saw DomainConsultant’s recommendation of The Parking Place, a parking company with a different strategy than most, I decided to give it a try and move my parking over there.

The Parking Place doesn’t use PPC like most every other parking company on the planet. Instead, they redirect parked domains to those annoying survey sites…you know the type, ‘YOU’VE WON A FREE IPAD, CLICK HERE TO REDEEM YOUR PRIZE!’, but when you click over you have to fill out forms, sign up for offers, etc. Once someone does click over and signs up from one of your parked domains, you make money based on what they signed up for. It’s certainly a different idea and honestly not one I’d imagine would be successful if it weren’t for DC‘s plug. The following is a quote from the DC post.

“I took a bunch of domains making less than nothing and now get $20/day out of them. Not much you may say but an extra $7,200/year is growth – that for which we strive everyday.”

Now obviously I don’t know how much a “bunch” is to him or what his domains were making on parking before, but I know I have a “bunch” of my own domains making “less than nothing” so I figured it was worth a shot. I certainly don’t expect to make $20 a day but it would be nice to see if a different format will earn something…anything. I really like The Parking Place interface so far as it seems to update very quickly, almost in real-time. The only downside is there is no way to let a visitor to the domain know that it is for sale, which is a pretty significant downside if you ask me considering the whole point is to sell domains.

This is pretty much my last attempt at parking. I was actually getting ready to forward all of my domains to a ‘Domain for Sale’ page with an offer form because even selling one domain that way would be better than any parking revenue I make. The Parking Place is worth a look though and I will let you know the results I get. I don’t plan on leaving my domains there long if I don’t see anything semi-significant though.

Does anyone have any parking recommendations for others? Does anyone have success just forwarding their domains to a ‘for sale’ page? I am interested in hearing what others do with domains they aren’t developing.

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9 Replies to “It Doesn’t Take A Lot To Get Me To Change Parking Companies”

  1. I too have been considering exactly what you are doing. I was considering forwarding all my domains to a for sale page. I also read about this company on other blogs. I would be curious to see your results.

  2. Chris, forwarding to a ‘for sale’ page does work. There’re prospective hungry buyers who’d fill in the form and request info/make an offer. Sometimes you get low ball offers and spams, that’s ok 🙂 Focus on the serious inquires. It doesn’t have to be a fancy page – could be just a simple form with columns for name, email, offer or any other info you want.

  3. I keep making less money with those guys every month. They started out strong, but fizzled to a good degree. I have strong trafffic so that is not the problem. I took most my traffic away from The Parking Place after the fall. I’ll be back, just later. They still are a good alternative and good to have around. Some domains will still do better than than parking, just like some domains do better at one parking company over another, for whatever reason.

    If you want to make more money than parking you can during the Holiday’s starting right now sending traffic to Amazon.

    Besides, the parking companies/google/yahoo/bing have not been rewarding us for x-mas the last two years like they did in the past. They decided to cut into our bumper-crop earnings season.

    I make a lot of money sending traffic to Amazon, yet funny, no domainer I have ever told about it does this.

    Just go do a redirect to Amazon Associates. 🙂

  4. Shane, I don’t care for SEDO as they are extremely biased when it comes to what gets into their “premium auctions”, but they pay fast and have a “sales lander” that has ads to the right with a big for sale button on it. All my domains now have the sales lander.

  5. I have not had much luck with
    With 33 clicks, I have only made a total of .04

  6. Hey Clobert,

    Are you talking about setting up a store on Amazon Associates or just forwarding to a certain url?


  7. The worst parking place I’ve ever tried – took my domains away and ran as fast as I could 🙂

  8. How would one go about setting up a single offer page for all domains? Does anyone know of a tutorial for this kind of setup?

  9. @Garry…..just doing a redirect.

    Create a aStore in Amazon Associates and then just take the referral link.

    Check the TOS, but the last time I read theirs they condone direct linking.

    I’ve been doing it years with no problems.

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