Tuesday’s Big Bag of Domains At Auction or Dropping

Nov 15 2011

Good morning, before I get to the domains I’d like to point out that we are now filling advertising spots for December with our premium spot at the top of every page and post being open for the first time in 2 years.  We’ll be advertising it on Domaining.com soon so let us know before we start advertising our advertising.  Now onto the names.

HD2.com Great name.  Could be a million dollar name if they have the next definition of clarity called HD 2.

Pinfo.com 1994 Birthday and most likely the main reason it has 40 bids

Loans123.com 1997 Birthday.  Loans as easy as 1 2 3.  That is if you have land or any other hard assets.  Otherwise no loan for you.

1V1.com This is the domain that I showcased from DnForum.com  I don’t know the owner but will be curious to see if the gamble of throwing it to Sedo will pay off.  Nice domain though

DrainPipe.com A domain that when said people would most likely spell correctly.  Sounds like a startup

RentalEquipment.org Dot org may not be the best tld for this but still a pretty good name

Crowded.org While dot org works perfectly for this one.

KickAss.tv I have to admit I’d go to a site with this name. Sounds exciting.

IZ.org Moved to “wish list” .  Still not sure what wish list means.

Bbbbbbbbbbbb.com No value but I had to point out that this domain get 14 hits a day and is ten years old.  Think about it.  A shitty domain like this gets more views that most of the domains that people prize

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  1. Ms Domainer


    “Wish list” means that either the original owner renewed it or the registrar has warehoused it.

    But you will probably never know which because Namejet and its partners operate under a cloak of secrecy.

    Happy bidding!


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