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Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Cheaper: New 99 Cents Godaddy Code

Last week the FLOWERS code was a great deal at $1.49 and now Godaddy has stepped it up. LeadTrader was nice enough to email a new Godaddy Coupon Code that he found that makes the price .99 cents before fees. It’s only good for a year and need a credit card. I used last week’s code to register GardenPhlox dot com. Look at the searches and estibot and you can see I got the deal of the week. I sell thousands of garden phlox a year so it should serve me well. This code should serve you well. And as always, love to hear what you register with it. I would also do it sooner than later as I don’t see this code staying good long.

Just go Here and the code is


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8 Replies to “Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Cheaper: New 99 Cents Godaddy Code”

  1. After spending the weekend in Vegas watching amateurs party their asses off only to make complete fools of themselves, i was inspired to hand-reg

  2. I was tempted to buy, but passed on . I’ll let someone else have it

  3. I’ve bought two domains (so one of them is for reg price):


    I think I must have been hungry 🙂

  4. Shane
    Yesterday I forgot to thank You for the code. Still lots of great .com’s available out there (for example I just hand-reg but for reg. price) so an info on any coupon codes will be appreciated

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