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Kevin Rose Loves 5L dot coms and Here’s How He Finds Them

I’ve said it several times.  I’ve made most of my money in 5 letter dot coms.  They are perfect names for web companies and new apps.  Kevin Rose agrees.  I found this video on Accidental Domainer and it has Kevin Rose talking about how and where he finds his domains.

Head to the 27:20 mark to cut to the domain stuff.

Random Episode 15 from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo.

If you don’t feel like watching here’s the takeaway

1. He read and agrees that Fred Wilson’s number of $50K for a good domain probably is correct
2. Thinks that good names cost $100K plus
3. He knows friends that have spent much more but he only wants to spend $20K
4. Uses Sedo to find names
5. Puts in 5 character limit and then sorts by bids. He figures all the good names have received at least 1 bid
6. Takes hot or trendy domain endings like ion or dly and puts them into godaddy and searches for domains that end in those letters
7. Have to double check trademarks and iphone app name is available against
8. Should be pronounceable in a bar
9. Tests names with friends by saying “have you tried “fill in domain”? Then he checks to see what came to mind when they heard the name
10. That he wants to buy my name (ok I made that one up)

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    1. Samir,

      Put your money where your mouth is and pay the four figures. I told you what I’d pay for it. Tell us how much you’d pay for it. I expect for you to offer him at least a thousand.

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