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What Kind of Returns Are LLL.coms Giving? A Little Data And a Lot of Opinion

When I first started getting serious about domain investing I was inspired by a guy named Reece Berg.  Reece was the king of the short domains.  He specialized in LLLL.coms and LLL.coms.  He tracked every sale and had more detail on the market than anyone in the industry.  His actual blog was called  (since retired and sold) He essentially came up with a price guide.  I followed his blog and watched the market go from hi to low along with the economy.  My big problem..I put my money into a bunch of smaller domains instead of buying one or two LLL.coms.   But we all have stories like that.   So the recent auction at Flippa of RNR got me to thinking.  We see LLL.coms getting great prices lately.  But if you bought them in 2005, 2008, 2010 what have the returns been?  So I started with a few LLL.coms that recently sold and looked at looked to see if they had any sales history. If I found any I listed them.   I also took some old posts and sales results from Reece and compared prices to today’s results.  The info is below.  

$24,710  2010

$35,000 2014 Media Options (assumed sale since it’s for sale at Flippa)

$46,000 Unsold on Flippa

$6350  Aug 2008,

$4253  Dec 2012,

$10,100 Sept 2014 (Namejet)  

$5400  Jan 2006

$16,000  Sept 2014 (Namejet)

$5701  Oct 2008

$7610 Sept 2014

$5100 Aug 2008

$8100 Sept 2014 (final bid but reserve was not met)

$5000  Dec 2008

$7101  Dec 2010

$13,000  Sept (final bid but did not meet reserve)

$6001 Jan 2009

$12,100 Jul 2014

$17,500  Jan 2010

$30,100 Aug 2014

$9500 Aug 2011

$30,100  Aug 2014

$27,000 Feb 2011

$27,300 Aug 2014


It’s not a very big data group but the returns have been all over the board.  Almost all returned 100% in the last 6 years with some returning much more.  Pretty comparable to the stock market.   (Apple was trading at an adjusted $12 back in Dec 2008 to give you some comparison)   Below are few articles Reece wrote that show how the short domains moved up and down with the economy.  I know you can’t go back in time but you actually can and it’s fun to go back and read about the prices and thoughts about where everyone thought they were headed.  I’ve also listed some of his recaps.


December 13, 2008 by Reece
Filed under: short domains

Domainers are feeling what Main Street investors are — a lighter wallet as of late. We’ve seen LLL.coms fall a full 50% from a minimum wholesale of $7600 in June to about $3800 today, with very few domaining segments have done much better, many having done far worse still. The economy as a whole is of course struggling, uncertainty is higher than it’s been in quite some time, unemployment keeps rising, the dollar has appreciated considerably against many currencies over the past few months, etc… Yes, there are plenty of reasons we can explain away about how and why this has happened and all things considered, it really isn’t much of a surprised when you look at how the rest of the economy is struggling as a whole.

Now it’s not all bad news I have to report here. On the positive side, prices are remaining much more constant in the market around the $4000 mark. The minimum wholesale fell quite quickly from $7600 to $5000 between June and August, falling at about half the speed another $1200 more to $3800 by the end of November. Since then — 13 days into December, the market has held fairly stable at the low end.

We’ll have to see what the future holds for low end LLL.coms, however it’s very comforting to see the rate of decline having slowed down so much. The November – December period is typically a bad period for selling domains. Provided the economy doesn’t get a whole lot worse, we might expect to see a bit of appreciation once we’re in the New Year. At the very least, it seems probable that 10%+ monthly declines are a thing of the past.




June 2008     €10000     Sedo        $10100     Sedo  $10,100  June 2011 (Sedo)     $6800      Sedo   $6800  Jan.  2011 (Sedo)     $20000    Sedo     $7750      Sedo     $10600  Sedo      $13500     Afternic      $17500     Sedo      $13000     Sedo      $11500     Sedo      $15500     Sedo      €7100     Sedo      €5500     Sedo     $7124     Bido     $7612     NameJet     $7100     NameJet     $12000     Sedo     $8100    Sedo     €15100     Sedo     $7400      Sedo     $7600      Sedo     $10000     Sedo     $9100      Sedo        $40000    Afternic        $40000    Afternic        $40000     Afternic        $40000    Afternic        $22500    Sedo        $12000    Moniker

JULY 2008     $10432     Sedo     $6730     Bido     $6305     TDNAM        $8802     NameJet     $10000     Afternic     $8001     Sedo     $55000     $39162     Sedo     $9450     Sedo     $6000     Bido       $6750   Namepros     $9300     Sedo     $20200  NameJet     $16000     SnapNames     $14000    Sedo   $8763  Feb 09 DnJournal     $9600    Sedo     $8000    Sedo     $6100   Sedo     $6551    Bido     $6750     Sedo     $6600    Sedo        $15300    Moniker

AUGUST 2008     $12300    Sedo     $8500     SnapNames     $7501    SnapNames     $7750    SnapNames     €60000    Sedo     $6600     Sedo     $6900    NameJet     $12600  Afternic     $6700   Sedo     $5211   Sedo     $5100   Sedo     $6350   Sedo     $5200   Sedo     €3933   Sedo     $18501  Sedo     $5002     SnapNames     $6680     Sedo


Sources  and the now defunct blog of Reese Berg formerly at

September 2008        $5299    NameJet     $6250    NameJet     $5469   Sedo     $5800   Sedo     €13500     Sedo     $10100  NameJet     $6900      Sedo     $5000     Private Sale     $5000     Private Sale
ZZL.COM     $7250     SnapNames     $5144     Sedo     $6349     SnapNames     $195000 Rick Latona     $55000     Rick Latona     $47500     Rick Latona     $7100     Sedo     $7100     Sedo     $8000     Moniker     $16400    NameJet        $5701    NameJet

October 2008     $52500     SnapNames     $7300     NameJet     $7100     NameJet     $4988     Sedo     $7000    Private Sale     $8250     SnapNames     $6750    NameJet     $26545  Sedo     $6626    Namejet
EVT.COM     $10500    Sedo     $7100    NameJet     $4700    Sedo     $4610     Sedo     $7600    Fusu     $4620    Sedo     $10500     Sedo     $5250    NameJet        $10011    Sedo


My take away from all these little snippets is that although the returns were nice, I actually made the right move in putting my money into the stock market back in 2009- 2011.  It would be hard to prove that it was safer but it certainly was more liquid and more data to analyze my investments.  But it really proves one thing.  LLL.coms are due for another move up and two, it’s a crap shoot like all other domains.  It all comes down to finding the right buyer and good names have more chances to find the right buyer.




November 2008     $13027  SnapNames       $12555  Sedo        $11500  Namepros        €6000   Sedo        €8100   Sedo     $4625   Sedo        $50000     Sedo     $32550     Afternic     $4200   Sedo     $34000     SnapNames     $4100      Sedo        $20000     Sedo     $4595     Sedo        $16190    Moniker        $27500    Sedo        $7116    Sedo

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