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Reserve Met and Will Sell – Looking at “registration” comps, I was blown away when I saw for $376,480 in a TRAFFIC auction back in 2008. My refined predictive abilities tell me that will sell for less…….but the reserve has been met, so it will sell. – Smortgage rateeller Federer is back, and he says the plural,, sold for $36,495. Lead gen name with a CPC over $6.

283 Domain Portfolio – Lots of liabilities in this list of domains, but perhaps you can find a gem or two. Their headliner name is Bidding at below $1 per domain right now. – 79 bids and approaching the $5k mark for this 16 year old domain. Seller states over 1,000 unique visitors per month.

Reserve Not Met – Auction ends tomorrow, and the seller recently put up a BIN price of $25,000, which will be a significant loss compared to their purchase of the name for $41k a couple years ago. – Seller is looking for a quick flip…..the name was picked up for $50,100 at NameJet earlier this year. Bidding at about the same level right now, with over a week to go. – Great name, which got up to $325,000 in a prior listing without meeting reserve. – Similar to, we’ve seen this one a few times. Bidding has surpassed the $90k from a prior listing. – name for a deals site? Bidding at $1,700 as I type this. – sold for $3,260 in February at Afternic. This one has crossed 5-figures. – More ad competition than I would have expected for these tough-to-ship products. Nice $5 CPC. – Antivirus or spyware site? Could have many applications.

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  1. been looking at the auction, the increase of 40-20 k between bids, looks a little fishy.

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Thank you for mentioning my domain ‘’ listing. At no reserve, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an authoritative .info domain at a bargain price.

    – Amaresh

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