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Let’s Play a Game: Which Name Sold For More?

Update:  Taking Guesses Until Noon Eastern Time and Then I’ll Announce a Winner:

I have a little game to play this evening. It’s simple, I’ll list two names that recently sold and you try and guess which one sold for more. Don’t cheat and look it up, try and see how well you know the value of domains. List your answers in the comments using a,a,b,c format. The person who gets the most right get a Free Trip on . Just kidding on the free cruise thing but I will announce you as the winner tomorrow and I’ll put it in bold. If you cheat and win, that’s between you and Karma.

The First Name is A the Second Name is B

1. Vs

2. Vs

3. Vs

4. Vs

5. (with an s) Vs

6. Vs

7.  Vs

8.  Vs

9.    Vs

10. Vs.

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11 Replies to “Let’s Play a Game: Which Name Sold For More?”

  1. “ Vs VegetableC”

    What’s the rest of VegetableC?

    Reply: Sorry about that. It is I saved it came back and must have saved it in the middle of typing it out. Thanks. You get one and half times the Winning Prize if you win

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