A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today ($7.68 CPC)

Feb 26 2010

Had another nice sale yesterday for a nice profit.  I may not do this full time but $500 profit at a time adds up.  You may dream of quick riches in domaining but most likely you’ll have to join me and make it in $100 increments instead of thousands.  Now on to the names

SelfResponsibility.com This could be a huge site because most people I know don’t have this

Theoretical.com A great name that won’t go cheap.  Could also be branded as a company so anything under 10K is a good buy here

KeepOnRunning.com You can easily flip this one for $100 or more.  $10 bid so far

LearnChess.net Not very many typeins but 6600 typeins and an easy build out

Go to DomainStryker.com if you want to find more

OnlineTherapist.net As long as people don’t read this as Online The Rapist dot net you should do fine.  1200 Searches and a $7.68 CPC with no bids

KnoxPyPhp.com A VALID Pr6 Domain and a sale under $500 is a good buy.   Great value if you know what to do with it

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  1. raj

    Hey shane, been following some of your drops. But I noticed that many names just like theoretical.com are not expired. Can private domain holders use namejet to auction their names?

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