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Looking for a Web Designer

logoI started to go back to Elance and then I got to thinking.  If I’m looking for a good web designer why not go to the people that use them every day, domainers.  Here is what I’m looking to do.  If you’ve read my blog you’ve figured out that I invest in plant names.  I’ve been taking pictures and cataloging plants for years and I want to put this database on the web in a beautiful, easy to navigate, SEO optimized, format. Presently it is none of the former. Basically, they stink but many are rated on the first page of Google for their keyword. Presently the monetization will come through ads with future revenue coming through the sale of the actual plants.

Some of my sites were custom coded (I have a coder I work with)  but I would like this to be wordpress because the back end is easy to use and set up for the employees to put in data.  WordPress is more than capable of delivering what I need done.  This  essentially will be a template because I will be using it for 50 plus plant websites.  Of course,  heading and info will be changed accordingly.

On the front it needs to display 20 or so of the most popular varieties of that type of plant with small amount of text and thumbnails.  Searchable by alphabet or other characteristics.  Each needs to lead to a card or page that provides more photos and data.  There will be a section for a more blog type approach with articles and interviews as well.  coreopsisheader

If anyone thinks they are able to do this at a fair price please email me and we can discuss it further.  Ready to get on it immediately because winter is my slow time and it’s the only time I have to give it 100% attention it needs to get started.  And I have staff to help put in data.

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