Domain Spotlight: Offers Innovation To Daily Deals Concept

by Chris Woodward

Howdy everyone. Shane is on vacation and I had visitors for the holiday arrive over the weekend so at least for me things are going to be a bit slower this week. I’m going to do my best to write a few posts over the next several days.

I came across a new ‘daily deals’ type site recently and thought it had an interesting concept that may end up being a game-changer in the industry. is innovating the concept that sites like Groupon and Living Social has made so popular. While normal daily deal sites require that a user pay up front and then print out the coupon, offers a more convenient approach. Here’s how it works.

1. You sign up at When you sign up you enter your credit or debit card information and it is saved in their secure system.

2. Once signed up, you navigate the available deals in your area. The deals are made available from local restaurants, bars, and other merchants.

3. When you find a deal you would like to take advantage of, you simply SAVE it in your profile.

4. Once you’ve saved the offer you’d like to take advantage of in your account, simply visit the merchant offering the deal and meet the requirements of the coupon you’ve signed up for. For example, if you saved an offer for %30 off $30 or more at ABC Restaurant, simply visit ABC restaurant and spend $30. Just be sure to use the same card that’s saved in your profile at

5. When you spend the $30 at ABC Restaurant, Looterang’s system will recognize this and automatically credit %30 of the total back to your account.

I really like this concept. I for one don’t like printing out coupons or presenting them at local merchants. The idea of being able to sign up for offers without paying up front and take advantage of them anonymously is one I could really see catching on. If anything it’s simply a matter of convenience and I’m always a fan of that. I’m interested in seeing if really takes off or if they fall by the wayside. They are certainly a little bit ahead of the curve but sometimes that’s right where you want to be.

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  1. I went to sign up as it sounds like a good concept, but, it wants me to enter my Arizona zip code which I don’t have. It seems that they haven’t expanded outside Arizona yet.

  2. Mike, That is interesting. I am in Arizona and just assumed it asked me that based on my IP address. I will try to reach out to them to get more info on this.

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