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Wednesday’s Daily Picks of Domains at Auction and Dropping From Around the Net

Maybe it’s the time of year but as I stated earlier I have been taking a vacation and have a little more time to read the domaining blogs.  Kind of a slow week in the domain world.  Or maybe after two years of reading domaining stories every day I’m bored. The reposted stories don’t help.  Here’s today’s list.  Again small Great saying.  Great domain. I take it to Alabama.  I did drove it one time from Illinois/Indiana all the way to Tuscaloosa with no battery.  Long story but maybe I’ll buy this just for the memories Good letters.  $2K four years ago.  Now I would guess half that Three letter dot net.  Liquid as they come Gun or basketball.  Either way you could help Making a resurgence.  Help them find them 2003 Birthday.  Rick Schwartz said a great way to start off in domain investing with little money is to buy a good keyword with the word “the” in it.  Here is a perfect example.  No bidders.

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5 Replies to “Wednesday’s Daily Picks of Domains at Auction and Dropping From Around the Net”

  1. Depends what people want I don’t want jokes. I want news like you posting 7 domains dropping probably does not excite everyone. Domaining is not that exciting and certainly not interesting everyday.

    1. Fake name guy John,

      I agree. I’m certainly no better and some days are better than others. Everyone is different and like different things. i like to entertained AND informed. But grow a pair and use your real name. At least I do that.

      PS. I’m headed down 7th Ave about turn on 93rd to come and fight you 🙂

  2. ShootBetter could also be used for photography. I like it. By the way, I wanted to thank you for your heads up on BoosterPack the other day. Unfortunately there wasn’t much competition but hopefully you still get a cup of coffee off the proceeds or something 🙂 Anyway, thanks!

    (and yes, this is my real name)

  3. I read this blog for the humor (some days it’s better than others) I don’t give a sh#t about your crappy drop list. Unless of course I’m trying to catch one of those crappy names that was flying under the radar with no bids, like ( and you post it – then I’m pissed!

    Steve(real name)

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