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Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Takes over DomainFest Illness Case

Evidently the Los Angeles Department of Public Health is now taking interest in the DomainFest illnesses.  I just received the following email from them that lead to a survey which I promptly filled out.  I do know that several people had filed reports with the CDC and the Department of Health. I do hate to see so many people sick and there is no doubt that all attendees now have been informed to take this seriously.  I also feel bad for Oversee because they truly put together a fantastic show at great venues.  There was no lack of amenities and cleanliness.   Unfortunately this year’s event will be remembered for sickness not for a well organized event. On a personal note,  I was fortunate to not have a bacteria infection and just the plain old flu.  Who would have thought that flu would be a positive.  Here is the email they sent out

Dear DOMAINfest attendee,

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health was notified of a cluster of respiratory illness among attendees of the conference. The conference was held Feb. 1 to 3, 2011 at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica with a February 3 event at Playboy Mansion. According to unconfirmed reports, many attendees became ill after the conference with respiratory symptoms including pneumonia. We are working with organizers to investigate these reports. All responses will be kept confidential by the health department.

As part of our investigation we ask you to complete this survey whether or not you had any symptoms as soon as possible.

If you have any questions you can contact Dr. Dawn Terashita [email protected] and Dr. Caitlin Reed  Thank you for your participation.

Acute Communicable Disease Control
Hospital Outreach Unit
313 N. Figueroa St. Room 212
Los Angeles, CA. 90012
(213) 240-7941

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4 Replies to “Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Takes over DomainFest Illness Case”

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better Shane!

    Also may not be a bad idea to remove the Dr’s email addresses from the post at the end of the statement from them…

  2. Talk about domain names, what do you feel when it’s a serious matter, and the department of health sends you to a link named, SurveyMonkey? In this case the website’s reputation preceeds the name’s.

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