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With All The Historic Significance of Egypt and I Keep Thinking of The BreadHat

With Mubarak stepping down, Egypt is about to enter a huge transition.  A transition led by the youth of Egypt.  Among the millions of young Egyptians in the crowd I kept seeing one theme.  Every day in pictures I would see somebody wearing a crazier hat than the next.  I don’t know if this was a way to break up the monotony of marching and protesting all day but it sure got a smile out of me every day.

It started with my daughter pointing out a funny hat someone had put on and then became a Where’s Waldo? of funny headpieces in the pictures of the protests.  While I don’t belittle the importance of the events, it was nice to see that among all the seriousness were some people having a good time. Among my favorite is the now Internet Meme “The BreadHat”.  The hat that set back hat wearing 50 years.  A hat AND a meal. Also in my favorite looks.  The watter bottle hat, the pot hat, and the the Karate Kid hat aka the Cinder Block hat.

To me it proves yet again,  you can still have a good time while getting real stuff done.  And they got some real stuff done didn’t they?

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3 Replies to “With All The Historic Significance of Egypt and I Keep Thinking of The BreadHat”

  1. NBC News footage showed a sea of waving shoes held above the head with one hand – pretty big insult!

  2. Anyone else think that the “cinderblock” guy looks like DnPimpin? Anyone?! I think I just cracked the case of why he couldn’t attend DFG!

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