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Michael Pandelides and Domain Bank are About to Bank on JohnnyFootball with

A legend was born last night.  A name you will hear for many many years to come…. JohnnyFootball. Johnny Manziel, a redshirt freshman quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies, shined as he beat my alma mater Alabama.  I had heard a lot about this kid.  He scored 75 touchdowns in his senior year of High School.  Yes 75 in one season.  The guy was a monster. And last night he had absolutely no fear.  I have been watching football my entire life and have never seen anyone with so much poise at such a young age.  He truly is Johnny Football, a name given to him by the fans earlier this year.  Other than injury, I can’t see why he won’t have a good career in the pros and he has the personality that advertisers are going to jump all over. But like all domain investors I wanted to see who has the domains and if any were available.

The domain investment company Domain Bank, an owner of 180,000 plus domains, picked up on a drop in January of 2008 (info courtesy of DomainTools) and now is sitting on a pretty valuable name.  While the family of Johnny Manziel just filed a trademark on JohnnyFootball for their son, this domain should be safe because it was registered before the JohnnyFootball phenomenon, they will most likely have to fight a little before finally selling the name once Johnny Manziel cashes in on his success.  In the meantime his Dad, Paul Manziel,  registered October 12th and after last night, there are no major and even minor gTlds left.

As for Twitter, the name is taken but has no tweets and on Facebook the name is taken by Johnny Wong who really doesn’t look like a solid football player.  This will be interested to watch play out as we’ll get to see how the Manziels use their trademark and money to solidify their marketing and social media.

On a lighter note, Mr. Johnny Football has also built another reputation.  He is ALWAYS surrounded by beautiful girls.  While I’m no good at judging male beauty, most wouldn’t consider him male model quality and yet his athletic prowess and fame draws the finest young coeds at A & M, making for some great photos for websites.  I only see that continuing


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