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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 12th

Anyone get a little bored at night and go through and check the SERPs of all your websites for lots of different terms. I recently started using (no affiliation here just use the site) and find myself randomly typing in terms to where we rank and who ranks in the top 10. Some play video games, I play What’s my rank. Here are today’s names. Not a bad set Not sure where you head with this one but with a billion phones out there you’ll figure out how to monetize it 14 years old. valuate has this at $3800 Really looking forward to see what the new owner thinks is beyond belief  I sold a on Namejet earlier at just shy of $10K.  This isn’t quite as good of letters so it should end up just a little short of that number  I don’t play many video games but when I do I spend most of my time looking for med packs. 16 years old  16 years old and a perfect example of liquid domain  And another  Two Zs.  The most difficult acronym to fill in the world. But yet it still has value  I thought one might have no bidders but no luck.  Good widget domain  Should do well with 7s flanking  Another one that will be an easy flip. Not saying you can flip it for a profit just saying you will be able to sell it OK this will be the final one  It will be interesting to see where this one ends as the two 7s are great but ends in 4 so it kills the value  No bidders. Great deleting domains name and I can guarantee that it will have 5 plus bids after this post  2007 this one hits $1000.  Now?  It doesn’t……I think  I remember my local discount bookstore. Ironically it was put out of business by a discount bookstore that was more discounty.  I hate ambulance chasers but I guess not all settlements are in malice  You’re thinking cross and I’m thinking where I put my socks Cloud domains still seem to draw pretty good prices


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Domain Spotlight:

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